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Suppliers of: Tile Trim, Floor Trims,flooring profiles, stair nosing, carpet trims, Stair Nosings, expansion joints

Dural are leading manufacturers of floor trims, profiles and skirting. We are continually updating our range of products and inventing new and better solutions that are both technically innovative and visually exciting. Dural also manufacture systems for sealing floors, level access shower drainage and insulating underlays.

We supply more than 13,000 products to over 70 countries. Our extensive ranges include:


Tile, Laminate & Carpet Trims.

Dural’s range of floor trims include profiles for joining and edging virtually all types of flooring. Where different types of floor meet up Dural’s flooring transition Strips and edging trim allow for transitions between tiles, parquet, terrazzo, vinyl, laminate or carpets.

Our flooring trims are available in a wide range of colours and materials including brass, aluminium, stainless steel or even a flexible "Z-flex" version.

Expansion Joint Sections.

Dural manufacture a comprehensive range of expansion joints for floors and walls. Dural’s range includes DURAFLEX floor tile expansion joints for a wide range of floor installations from domestic properties to industrial load bearing floors, Dural can offer there expansion joints in a variaty of colours including grey, terracotta and many others. Dural also supply decorative expansion joints and profiles for laminate or solid timber floors.

Stair Nosing & Step Edges.

Dural step edges provide protection for the floor covering of the stairs, whether this be carpet, tiles, parquet, laminate or linoleum. They also provide a safe anti slip grip. Available in a wide range of finishes to suit most stair edge applications.

Skirting Boards.

Dural’s skirting strips are available in a wide variety of finishes and colours including duel colour, brushed aluminium or stainless steel. For a more traditional look, there are also skirting boards made of real wood, MDF or PVC. Electrical cables can be concealed behind the skirting and their simple installation means they can be removed and replaced. Dural also supply a aesthetically pleasing floor coving for tiled floors ideal for cleaning in hygiene sensitive areas.

Shower Floor Former & Wet Room Drains.

Dural supply a complete level access shower floor kit. Dural’s prefabricated shower or wet room floor kit includes a watertight shower floor former and floor drain. Technologically advanced and yet easy to install. Dural also supply contemporary stainless steel linear floor drains that are ideal for wet rooms.

Our “TI Line” linear shower floor drain is installed right alongside the wall for a flush, floor-level shower that has the advantage that the shower floor only needs to have a gradient in one direction. The Basic-Line system offers a double odour seal and is very easy to clean, it also offers the highest levels of access for elderly or disabled users.

Laminate & Tiled Floor Underlays.

For bathrooms, balconies and terraces, commercial or living rooms. For floor installation on difficult surfaces, we have developed a series of specialist matting underlays.

Our DURABASE underlay is a sealing and decoupling underlay for tiles on floors and walls. The Durabase range includes waterproofing underlay, sealing strips and insulation.

For timber and laminate floors PLATON STOP is the ideal underlay that provides excellent impact sound reduction, comfort and provides a residual damp barrier for the floor covering.

Specialist Products, Accessories & Tools.

In addition to our main range of products, Dural also supply specialist products such as balcony edge trims, edging strips for doormats, drain covers and frames. For all our product ranges we supply a complete range of accessories to complete a project and for ease of installation, we supply a range of tiling tools.