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Schlüter KERDI-BOARD Tile Backer Boards.

The Schlüter team works closely with distributors, resellers, tiling contractors, architects and specifiers - providing the best customer service available - actively helping to ensure a long lasting, attractive installation. Schlüter’s renowned technical expertise includes advising architects, specifiers and contractors, before they carry out the installation, preventing tomorrow’s problems. 


Schlüter®-KERDI-BOARD is the lightest, simplest and most versatile tile backerboard available, serving as a substrate and a bonded waterproofing solution. The innovative product gives an absolutely level substrate with straight and precise and accurate angling at corners, providing an instant, rigid, even, guaranteed and waterproof base for a perfect tile and stone finish. Schlüter®-KERDI-BOARD is incredibly quick and easy to install and because of its eco-friendly lightweight construction – it contains no cement or fibreglass, making it healthier for installers and on the environment too, in addition it’s easy to transport, handle and cut.

Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD-V is a vertically grooved substrate and building panel for creating curved elements. If a larger expanse of panels is required, several panels can be connected along the edges with thin-set mortar, Schluter-KERDI-FIX adhesive, or double-sided adhesive tape.

Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD-E is an L-shaped panel used to create corners and pipe or column coverings. The panels feature a V-shaped groove and are shipped in a space-saving flat design, which makes them easy to store. The flat panels are also quick to cut to the necessary dimensions. Thin-set mortar, Schluter-KERDI-FIX adhesive, or double-sided adhesive tape is applied to the V-groove. The panels are then folded prior to installation.

Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD-U is a U-shaped panel used to create pipe or column coverings. The panels feature V-shaped grooves and are shipped in a space-saving flat design, which makes them easy to store. The flat panels are also quick to cut to the necessary dimensions. Thin-set mortar, Schluter-KERDI-FIX adhesive, or double-sided adhesive tape is applied to the V-grooves. The panels are then folded prior to installation.

Profiles and attachment hardware. A large selection of profiles and attachment hardware complement the Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD system.


KERDI-BOARD Applications:

Many substrates encountered in new buildings and renovation projects are unsuitable for tile installation, especially in areas with high moisture. This can require comprehensive preparation and waterproofing measures. Schluter-KERDI-BOARD makes it easy to create flat, level, plumb, and square substrates for tile installation over existing structures as diverse as masonry, stud frame constructions of wood or metal framing, and mixed/existing substrates in renovation projects.

Masonry or existing/mixed substrates: Schluter-KERDI-BOARD is ideal for installation on various wall surfaces, including concrete, masonry, existing substrates such as plaster, tiles, painted surfaces, etc.

Stud framing: Schluter-KERDI-BOARD is quick and easy to install as a substrate for tile coverings over wood or metal framing, using the screws and washers included in our hardware assortment.

Partition walls: Sanitary installations frequently require partition walls to create separate shower or toilet stalls or to divide rooms.

Showers and bathtub surrounds: Tiled showers and bathtub surrounds require proper moisture management to ensure successful long-term performance.

Bathtub platforms: Bathtub platforms are excellent opportunities for tile coverings. However, tile setters are often faced with substandard framing, particularly on new construction projects.

Vanities and shelving: Schluter-KERDI-BOARD is the ideal substrate for constructing vanities and shelving with tile coverings.

Countertops: Schluter-KERDI-BOARD is particularly suitable for building countertops and other work surfaces with tile coverings.

Pipe and column coverings: The innovative, prefabricated L-shaped and U-shaped panels of the Schluter-KERDI-BOARD system make it especially easy to conceal pipes and columns.

Curved wall areas: The grooved version of the Schluter-KERDI-BOARD panel is designed for creating rounded and curved elements.


Further Technical Information is available to view on the BPi Download Library.

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World renowned hotel gets the Schlüter-Systems treatment

April 2016

World renowned hotel gets the Schlüter-Systems treatment

One of London’s most exclusive and luxurious hotels has used our products as part of its grand refurbishment. The Lanesborough Hotel, in Hyde Park Corner, is in the process of extensive renovations which are being carried out by the late, world renowned interior designer, Alberto Pinto.
We played our part in the major refurbishment by providing a host of products to the project including unique tile substrate Schlüter®-KERDI-BOARD.
The lightweight but extremely strong product offers the perfect solution for creating bonded waterproofing assemblies for tile coverings and can also be used as a structural panel. Schlüter®-KERDI-BOARD is 100 per cent waterproof, cement free, lightweight and completely even and flat, making it the ideal substrate for tiling. The product is also thermally insulating, quick and easy to install and contains no cement or fibreglass making it eco-friendly, whilst its fleece webbing allows for easy anchoring in thin-bed mortar.
The new and improved Lanesborough guest rooms also boast a second-to-none under floor heating system, provided by Schlüter®-DITRA-HEAT-E.
This unique system is the perfect all-in-one integrated solution for use under tiles and natural stone flooring and is unlike anything else available due to its loose heating cables which are fixed down to the uncoupling mat free of tape as a result of its unique studded design. Offering freedom for creating concentrated heating zones, and providing uniform spacing without the need for measuring and marking, the new system can cut installation time by up to 70 per cent.
Carl Stokes, Head of Marketing at Schlüter-Systems Ltd, commented, “We’re delighted that Schlüter®-DITRA-HEAT-E and Schlüter®-KERDI-BOARD, along with other products, have been used in the extensive refurbishment of such a prestigious hotel to help speed up the installation of underfloor heating and creating the flattest and most even substrate to tile on to.”

With over 10,000 products in its range, find out how Schlüter-Systems can help you to create more beautiful and longer-lasting installations, telephone 01530 813396 or visit the website at

Historic London hotel specifies complete package from SCHLÜTER-Systems

July 2014

Historic London hotel specifies complete package from SCHLÜTER-Systems

SCHLÜTER-Systems have become part of a historic refurbishment which will see the grand Chancery Court Hotel, London, a 1914 Edwardian heritage property, revamped with elegant and contemporary bathroom suites.

Fitted with Italian marble and hand beaten alpaca silver, each en-suite will offer guests a luxurious space, with a high quality finish. However, what's lies the beneath the tiles plays an important role in the precise final finish and ongoing protection and maintenance of such stunning contemporary design.

Specified thanks to its durable qualities and waterproofing protection, the SCHLÜTER®-KERDI-LINE range has been able to provide this 5* hotel with a 5* service thanks to its range of discreet, adaptable and easy to install SCHLÜTER®-WETROOM products. In fact, the complete SCHLÜTER®-WETROOM range from the market leader in tile solutions was the only option for fit out specialists, Beck Interiors, with a hassle free and efficient way to fit high quality systems.

After installing 233 en-suites to complete phase one of the hotel project, Beck Interiors carried out phase two of the refit, building 29 standard rooms, 13 deluxe rooms and the prestigious Lord Chancellor's Suite, with all rooms possessing SCHLÜTER-Systems quality range of substrate preparation and waterproofing and drainage solutions including the hotel's Holborn Dining Room which went onto feature in the final of this year's MasterChef, aired, in May, on BBC One.

Russell Coleman, Senior Project Manager at Surrey-based Beck Interiors, explained how SCHLÜTER®-KERDI-LINE and SCHLÜTER®-KERDI-BOARD has ensured confidence in such a high profile installation.

SCHLÜTER-Systems is renowned for its quality, service and technical expertise, which not only makes it simple for us to work with their products, but enables us to carry out the very best installations. On such a huge scale project this is essential and SCHLÜTER-Systems technical team even came down to ensure we were confident in the installation of their products, as well as providing us with technical literature, specification support along with DVD guides.

Installing the products also couldn't have been easier thanks to the adaptability of the SCHLÜTER®- KERDI-BOARD. It is easy and clean to cut using the helpful 10mm grid markings and whilst the board is lightweight it is extremely strong, holding far more weight than plasterboards. It is also very fast and easy to create a bonded waterproof area “ perfect for when you are fitting out hundreds of room to a strict deadline.

For the construction of the floor-level showers SCHLÜTER®- KERDI-LINE played an important role as its linear drain channel system offers a particularly low assembly height. It's adaptability to suit a range of designs and layouts has meant we have been able to install a simple, waterproof drain connection, as well as choose from a range of lengths, drainage connections and leave an end result that creates an attractive space whilst still providing a guaranteed reliable waterproofing system.

The new and improved Chancery Court bathrooms can also boast the protection of SCHLÜTER®-DITRA matting, the original uncoupling ad waterproofing matting for tile coverings, which serves as an uncoupling layer, bonded waterproofing assembly and vapour pressure equalisation layer. Perfect for an installation such as a hotel shower room, the matting neutralises tensions between substrate and surface, whilst also providing a high load resistance. It's also waterproof, with the added benefit of interconnected air channels to help moisture evaporate from the substrate.

Ian Knifton, Divisional Manager at SCHLÜTER-Systems, comments, The refurbishment at Chancery Court Hotel is something special and we're delighted that a number of our products are featured as part of its design. SCHLÜTER®-DITRA has been used for over 20 years and remains as unique and effective as it was when first launched, whilst the SCHLÜTER®-KERDI-LINE range offers the complete package for high quality wetroom installation and the hotel's specification for such an extensive project is recognition of their trust and confidence in our products.

SCHLÜTER®-DITRA has been a proven solution for uncoupling and bonded waterproofing for over 20 years and remains unique to the market due to its geometry which allows for the absorption of lateral movement in each direction. The uncoupling effect that it provides neutralises tensions between surfaces, whilst also providing a high load resistance. It's also waterproof, with the added benefit of interconnected air channels to help moisture evaporate from the substrate.

SCHLÜTER®-KERDI-LINE channel bodies are made of solid stainless steel. They are available in different versions for central and offset along with horizontal and vertical drainage. The drains come in a range of different lengths, with designer grate options, closed, perforated, tile pan and tile covering support. The channel bodies of SCHLÜTER®-KERDI-LINE are designed for variable installation in perimeter and intermediate areas. The pre-adhered SCHLÜTER®-KERDI allows for secure waterproofing in all configurations and used in conjunction with SCHLÜTER®-DITRA and SCHLÜTER®-KERDI creates a guaranteed waterproofing solution for walls and floors.

SCHLÜTER®-KERDI-BOARD is a unique multifunctional tile substrate for wall areas, which can be used for creating bonded waterproofing assemblies with tile coverings. Additionally, it has many uses as a structural panel. The product makes it easy to create an instant and innovative underlayment for tile installation over substrates as diverse as metal and wooden stud frames, green masonry and mixed substrates. SCHLÜTER®-KERDI-BOARD is 100% waterproof, cement free, lightweight and completely even and flat making it the perfect substrate for tiling.

With over 8,000 products in its range, SCHLÜTER-Systems has an essential role to play in every professional tiling project. To find out how it can help you to create more beautiful and longer-lasting installations, please telephone 01530 813396 or visit the website at

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