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Plastic Omnium is the worldwide supplier of waste management solutions for operators, local authorities, property developers and planners. With a wide choice of bins, storage containers and external wheeled refuse collection systems, underground and semi-underground systems, technology and maintenance services, Plastic Omnium’s innovative solutions are ideal for any domestic and commercial setting.

 Solutions for waste management operators and local authorities

 Two and Four Wheel Bins

We supply a range of models ranging from 60 to 1,700L wheeled containers, all complying with EN840 and the RAL standard. Each is tough and durable, and is available with additional options such as locks, paper slots, bottle apertures etc.  We also supply specialist hazardous waste, clinical and medical waste collection containers.

 Two and four wheeled containers, Stationary containers, Wheelie bin case study

Litter Bins

We offer a wide selection of containers for collecting litter or waste products. Our products are made from many different materials including metals and plastics, offering attractive and durable products in a wide range of colours and finishes to meet your specifications. We also offer an extensive range of dog waste containers, grit bins, and battery collection banks.

 Recycling banks, Urban / Street bins, Dog waste, Battery banks

Solutions for local authorities, property developers and planners

Underground Refuse Systems

Providing substantially higher capacity than conventional refuse disposal systems, our underground refuse disposal system has been installed by or on behalf of more than 300 local authorities worldwide, including Tower Hamlets (London), Blackpool, Peterborough and Cambridge.

 Underground refuse systems, Underground refuse system case study, Cleaning of underground refuse system

Banks and Underground Systems

Our voluntary deposit range includes free standing banks for glass, paper and textiles and the market leading ‘Iceberg’ Underground Waste Disposal Systems. Our range also includes space saving Semi Underground and hydraulic lifting underground systems.  

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Services and connected solutions

Plastic Omnium offers a range of services and connected solutions both for waste management operators and local authorities:

Connected Solutions

Plastic Omnium’s connected OptiSolutions® provide a comprehensive, state-of-the-art response to the needs of local and regional authorities. The range comprises of systems and services allowing the computerised management of pre-collection equipment (access control, fill-level checks, etc.) and streamlined waste collection (incentivised pricing, vehicle fleet monitoring, etc.).

 Waste container management, Access control, Fill level, Fleet management, Onboard navigation, Geo-positioning to billing, Onboard digital solutions, Operational management

Cleaning and Maintenance Services

With comprehensive cleaning and maintenance support from our expert teams, we provide local authorities and commercial companies with everything necessary to sustain clean and tidy local environments, increased security and vermin-free waste collection systems.

 Cleaning services, Maintenance services, Cleaning of underground refuse system


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ASHTRAYS Wastebin Litterbin Combined .
BARROWS Street Orderly .
BENCHES Steel Perforated Stainless Steel
BIN STORES Bin Storage Housings .
BIN STORES Bin Storage Wheeled Bin Shelters .
BINS Dog Waste .
BINS Park .
BINS Roadside .
LITTER BINS Anti-Terrorist/Counter Terrorist .
LITTER BINS Anti-Terrorist/Counter Terrorist Clear Transparent Vision Panels
LITTER BINS Iceberg Systems Buried Underground Container Combined
LITTER BINS Lockable .
LITTER BINS Post Mounted Post Top .
LITTER BINS Purpose Made Bespoke Custom Made
LITTER BINS Recycling .
LITTER BINS Secure Confidential Documents
LITTER BINS Smokers Smoking Area Ashtray Combined .
LITTER BINS Smokers Smoking Area Cigarette Butt Disposal .
LITTER BINS Stainless Steel .
LITTER BINS Street Furniture .
LITTER BINS Vandal Resistant Anti-Vandal .
LITTER BINS Waste Segregation .
RECYCLING CONTAINERS Above Ground Recycling Banks .
RECYCLING CONTAINERS Batteries / Battery Banks .
RECYCLING CONTAINERS Below Ground Underground Recycling Banks .
RECYCLING CONTAINERS Below Ground Underground Recycling Banks Hydraulic Systems
RECYCLING CONTAINERS Below Ground Underground Recycling Banks Iceberg Systems
RECYCLING CONTAINERS Confidential Documents .
RECYCLING CONTAINERS Drinks Can Banks Aluminium Steel Separation
RECYCLING CONTAINERS Large Capacity Semi-Underground
RECYCLING CONTAINERS Waste Level Detection Remote Monitoring Systems
REFUSE CONTAINERS Below Ground Underground .
REFUSE CONTAINERS Below Ground Underground Hydraulic Systems
REFUSE CONTAINERS Below Ground Underground Iceberg Systems
REFUSE CONTAINERS Collection and Recycling Service (HDPE Containers) .
REFUSE CONTAINERS Confidential Waste .
REFUSE CONTAINERS Large Capacity Semi-Underground
REFUSE CONTAINERS Large Capacity Waste Bins .
REFUSE CONTAINERS Large Capacity Waste Bins Exterior Outdoor Environments
REFUSE CONTAINERS Security Confidential Documents
REFUSE CONTAINERS Waste Bin Management RFID Chips EN 14803
REFUSE CONTAINERS Waste Bin Management RFID Chips for Waste Container Identification
REFUSE CONTAINERS Waste Bin Management RFID Chips for Waste Container Traceability
REFUSE CONTAINERS Waste Bin Management Waste Container Operations and Collection Monitoring
REFUSE CONTAINERS Waste Level Detection Remote Monitoring Systems
REFUSE CONTAINERS Wheeled Bins EN 840-5 and EN 840-6
REFUSE CONTAINERS Wheeled Bins Foldable / Folding
REFUSE CONTAINERS Wheeled Bins Hazardous Industrial Waste
REFUSE CONTAINERS Wheeled Bins Hazardous Industrial Waste ADR Decree Compliant
REFUSE CONTAINERS Wheeled Bins High Capacity
REFUSE CONTAINERS Wheeled Bins Industrial
REFUSE CONTAINERS Wheeled Bins Information Messaging Signs Lid / Fitting Systems
REFUSE CONTAINERS Wheeled Bins Pedal Opening
REFUSE CONTAINERS Wheeled Bins Plastic
REFUSE CONTAINERS Wheeled Bins Road Sweepers Bins
REFUSE CONTAINERS Wheeled Bins Security Confidential Documents
REFUSE CONTAINERS Wheeled Bins Wheelie Bins
SEATS Steel .
SEATS Steel Perforated Stainless Steel
ATRIUM Litter Bins
AZTECA Recycling Containers
BIOCITY Compost Bins
BULBEO Compost Bins
BUROCITY Recycling Bin
CHARTER Litter Bins
CIBELES Litter Bins
CITYBAC Refuse Containers
CITYBAC HIW Wheeled Bins
CITYBAC MAXI Refuse Containers
CITYBAC PLUS Refuse Containers
CITYBELL Recycling Containers
CITYBULLE Recycling Containers
CITYFIRST Recycling Containers
CITYSPOT Recycling Containers
CLASSIC Litter Bins
CLIP-COM Wheeled Bin Removeable Sign Systems
DOGGY Dog Waste Bin
ECO RANGE Office Waste Management
ECOLINE Recycling Bins
ECOMOBILE Recycling Bins
ECOMODULE Recycling Bins
ECOSOURCING Waste and Recycling Services
EDEN BINS Recycling Bins
ELEGANT Litter Bins
EVOLYS Semi-Underground Waste Banks
FORCE Litter Bins
HUBLO Recycling Banks
IBAC Coloured Wheeled Bins
ICEBERG HYDRAULIC Underground Refuse Systems
ICEBERG OPTIMA Underground Refuse Systems
MINIMAX Underground Refuse and Recycling Containers
MODULOBAC Refuse Container
MOVEA Recycling Containers
OPTIACCESS Waste Container Remote Monitoring and Control
OPTICHIP RFID Chip for Waste Container Identification
OPTIFILL Waste Container Remote Level Monitoring Systems
OPTIMANAGER Waste Collection Vehicle Fleet Monitoring
OPTINAV Waste Collection Route Navigation
OPTINET Waste Container Operations/Collection Management
OPTIPAD Waste Container Operations Management
OPTISYSTEM Waste Container Operations/Collection Management
ORIGAMI Recycling Banks
PLASTIC OMNIUM M4® Underground Refuse and Recycling Containers
POCKETMAX Underground Refuse Systems
RETRO BIN Refuse Bins
ROTOMAX Semi-Underground Waste and Recycling Containers
SEMIMAX CLASSIC Semi-Underground Waste and Recycling Containers
SEMIMAX CUBE Semi-Underground Waste and Recycling Containers
SKEP Litter Bins
SO-SECURE Waste Bins
STADIUM Litter Bins
STREET CHARIOT Road Sweepers Wheeled Bin
SULO Refuse Bins
SULO Semi-Underground Waste Banks
TOXY Battery Recycling Bins
VOLCANO Recycling Containers

PLASTIC OMNIUM - Wheelie bins increase Camden recycling rates

August 2017

"...Plastic Omnium had to work against a tight deadline and the logistics were complicated, but they delivered on time. I thoroughly recommend them."
Wheelie bins increase Camden recycling rates

Veolia Environmental Services UK is contracted to operate waste management and street cleansing services on behalf of the London Borough of Camden, in north London. The contract builds on Veolia’s more than three decades of experience of delivering waste management services to local authorities in the capital.

Waste management contracts in London usually run for seven years and Veolia first began delivering this service in Camden in 2003. That contract ran until 2010, when it was renewed until 2017. At that point the contract was put out to tender. Veolia applied for and won the new contract, which covers the following eight years.

The current contract requires Veolia to achieve reductions in spending on waste management from £23m to £18m per year, and to improve recycling figures from 25% to 40% by 2020.

To achieve this, Veolia first studied the services delivered to the area’s 250,000 local residents, who live in
approximately 120,000 properties. Half of these are low-rise residences and half are high-rise. Ultimately, new waste collection arrangements were introduced for those living in low-rise properties.

It was found that 85% of waste could be recycled, so weekly collections of recycling materials continued, whilst collection of non-recyclable waste moved to a fortnightly cycle from 1st April 2017.

Veolia was supplied by Plastic Omnium with 25,000 two-wheel, 240-litre capacity Citybac® bins. These were distributed to residents from a depot near Hanger Lane in London, with the majority being in situ by the end of March 2017. Other residents were offered specially-designed waste bags, but some have requested one of the Plastic Omnium two-wheel bins and these are delivered ondemand. Black rubbish bags are no longer accepted.

In addition, residents were asked to present their waste in a new way. Building on their previous experience, they were asked to present their wheelie bins or bags at ground level by 7am in the morning on the day of collection. This means that the waste collection teams no longer have to enter the basements of houses to collect the waste, as they had done in the past.

In addition, each waste collection truck was fitted with four cameras – one at each corner of the vehicle - to monitor presentation of waste, fly tipping instances and any other environmental incidents. Furthermore, the vehicle fleet was upgraded so that half of it now runs on alternative fuel solutions, whilst the remainder continue to run on diesel.

Why choose Plastic Omnium’s Citybac® products?
Plastic Omnium’s Citybac® range of two-wheel bins offers a high degree of practicality and offers pleasing aesthetics. Available in a range of capacities, from 60-litre to 360-litre, and in a selection of colours and colour combinations, Citybac® bins are fitted with ergonomically-designed covers, which include side grips for easy opening and are shaped to avoid retaining rain and washing water.

The bins also have curved, structured sides which offer greater rigidity. Meanwhile, the bins’ handles are designed to facilitate collection, and comply with manual handling regulations and European-standards requirements. Numerous integrated anti-noise devices also improve users’ quality of life.
Furthermore, a range of optional technology solutions can be fitted – for example to monitor fill levels – whilst complying fully with data protection requirements.

Veolia’s extensive use in Camden of Plastic Omnium’s products has already enabled the company to deliver improved recycling rates, and data will be available later in the year.

Whilst it is still very early in the lifetime of this contract the London Borough of Camden is already enjoying service improvements and financial savings are expected to be significant.

Vincent Masseri, Senior Contract Manager at Veolia Environmental Services UK, comments:
“Plastic Omnium are very well organised. Their products are high quality, the company is easy to work with and we have a good relationship. In preparing for our new waste management service in Camden, Plastic Omnium had to work against a tight deadline and the logistics were complicated, but they delivered on time. I thoroughly recommend them.”

Plastic Omnium Environment launches new underground waste containerisation systems

December 2016

Plastic Omnium Environment launches new underground waste containerisation systems

Plastic Omnium Environment has introduced a range of innovative products aimed at supporting property developers and local authorities in improving their recycling performance.

• The world leader in manufacturing and supplying high quality waste containerisation products has introduced M4, the latest addition to its range of underground waste disposal systems.

• It has also launched the new Plastic Omnium Bin-Shelter, with ‘night safe’ opening system and access control options.

M4 is the latest generation underground container developed to further assist communities in achieving their recycling targets. It has been designed to improve the collection of different flows of paper and packaging, glass and also residual waste. The M4 container is available with optional access control technology systems.
The dimensions of the drum doors allow for easy depositing of bags. To improve hygiene, an optional foot pedal opening system is offered, that avoids the need to touch the container with the user’s hands. Accessibility has also been optimised for children and people with reduced mobility.

The M4 pillars are fully interchangeable which allows added flexibility to adjust to the changing needs of community recycling. Placed on a common structure below the ground all the variants can easily be replaced by other pillars: for example a pillar for the collection of residual waste could be replaced with a pillar for dry recyclates.

Collectors will benefit from it being one of the fastest products to empty on the market, whilst offering increased safety, and reducing the disturbance to local residents.
For maintenance personnel, the terminal’s shape has been designed for quicker and easier access to the various components of the container’s structure, allowing faster servicing and maintenance times.

The M4 terminal is fully compliant with the requirements of European Standard EN 13071 (validated on March 23, 2016 by LNE - National Testing Laboratory, an independent body).

Richard Gregg, Managing Director of Plastic Omnium Urban Systems Ltd, the UK subsidiary of Plastic Omnium Environment, says:
“We are delighted to introduce M4, our latest underground waste management product, which will offer many additional benefits to local communities, collectors and maintenance staff, and will be a key factor in helping local authority’s reach and exceed their recycling targets”.

The company is also pleased to introduce the new Plastic Omnium Bin-Shelter with ‘night safe’ opening system and access control options. This shelter allows controlled access by limiting the size of the opening hatch or by access control which can limit users to authorised-users only, helping to reduce contamination or use by non-residents. It also stops the bins being moved around to the wrong locations.

The Plastic Omnium Bin-Shelter is robustly made with galvanised metal sheets and is suitable for use with 660L bins. It is not only safe and ergonomic, but also easy to assemble thanks to its interchangeable riveted panels.

The ‘night safe’ opening system is made from aluminium alloy and is chosen for its light weight, making handling easier and improving resistance to rusting. The opening systems are available with optional access controls, including electronic bolt, lock and battery.

Furthermore, Plastic Omnium Environment offers a number of IT technology-based optional features with this product, including access control – enabling residents to use a key fob to open the Bin-Shelter, thereby reducing the possibility of unauthorized use and fly-tipping – and a fill-level indicator, which alerts waste removal teams when the Bin-Shelter is full.

Installation is straightforward and the bin-shelters are fixed to the ground to meet with the EN 15132 Standards requirements.

About Plastic Omnium Environment

With 2,000 employees and seven manufacturing plants around the world, Plastic Omnium Environment has equipped 8,000 local communities with waste management products and services. To date, the company has also delivered over 100 million bins, containers and underground and semi-underground systems, alongside associated maintenance, cleaning and technology services, to local communities, developers and businesses.

Plastic Omnium Urban Systems Ltd is the UK subsidiary of Plastic Omnium Environment and was incorporated in 1997 in the UK. Initially operating from Halesfield, Telford, and relocating to Oldbury, West Midlands, in 2007.

Plastic Omnium Environment is, in turn, a subsidiary of French business Compagnie Plastic Omnium, which was founded in 1946 and is now celebrating 70 years of operations.

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