Plexus represents a world class solution for the ideal indoor climate. It is an all-in-one product that takes care of the room's ventilation, heating and cooling needs in a discreetly powerful way. The design relies on two unique techniques -- 360° air distribution and the new patent-pending JetCone technology. This means no draught, no noise and no problems -- before, during and after the HVAC installation. With Plexus, you can equip the building with a solution that offers new possibilities for an optimized room comfort with lower energy consumption, a simplified installation and a problem-free future when room layout adaptations are needed or reconstructions are required. Plexus eliminates the need for a radiator system to be installed in each room and it brings a new level of economic and architectural advantages. Enter a world of freedom, security and economy and let Plexus take care of your indoor climate. keywords: chilled beams, chilled ceilings