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Stannah: Goodsmaster CD - Goods / goods attendant lift

This handy video shows the easy operation and features of our goods only / goods attendant lift - the Stannah Goodsmaster CD range. This Stannah goods lift comes in a range of sizes and dimensions for up to 2000kg. With flexible dimensions, low headroom and pit requirements and maximum travels of up to 9m this Stannah lift suits both multi-floor applications or mezzanines and is perfect for situations where clearance is at a premium. The chain drive of the goods lift ensures a smooth and quiet ride with VVVF for greater levelling accuracy, stand-by mode and led lighting - all these features are consistent with BREEAM requirements for a lift. Built within a rapidly erected, self-contained steel shaft structure the modular design is quick to install and requires minimal builder s work The CD Plus, up to two attendants option, is ideal for use in premises where the stairway is not close to the lift shaft, or in cases where goods are being frequently moved and require some handling - frequently bin/bike lift applications in public/private residential flats requiring waste transfer. Of course these attendant lifts come with all the the safety features required for an goods passenger lift, including communications, constant pressure car controls, full height safety beams. These goods lifts are ideal for all types of applications requiring goods lifts (larger service lifts), fitting in pallets, roll cages, bins, bikes and goods. These goods / attendant goods lifts suit a wide range of building types and are particularly valuable for factories, warehouses, residential flats and distribution centres where space is always at a premium.