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The Roman product range covers high quality shower enclosures, stunningly contemporary wetroom panels, ingenious watertight bath screens, low level shower trays, state-of-the-art water delivery systems and a range of appealing bathroom accessories. Roman offers something for every sector within the showering market, from a price conscious range, through to the more exclusively designed showering solutions for luxurious bathrooms.

Main Products Include:

Shower Enclosures and Shower Screens:

A complete range of stylish shower enclosures and shower doors.

Roman presents an extensive collection of shower enclosures and shower doors. With every style imaginable from; Quadrant Shower Enclosures, to Walk-ins; from Bi-fold Door Shower Enclosures, to Hinged Door options. All available in an endless array of sizing and configuration options to ensure there is something for every size and shape bathrooms.

Bath Screens:

Our collection of bath screens ensures style need not be compromised when showering over bath.

Our range incorporates power shower approved Bath Screen, folding Bath Screens, specialist Bath Screens for shower baths through to full Bath Enclosures. All available in a range of styles and for every budget.

Inclusive Shower Enclosures and Accesibility Ranges:

Style and easy access are fused together with our collection of inclusively designed products.

At Roman we feel that everybody should have the opportunity to have a stylish and modern showering facility in their home. That is why we design many of our products in line with current bathroom trends, but they also happen to be perfect for all user groups including those who suffer with mobility issues or are disabled.

We incorporate features such as level access, eliminating any step up into the enclosure and door less entry, to eliminate awkward doors and handles. Choose from level access shower trays, full wetroom systems, an indulgent shower stool, wetroom panels and walk-ins – all styled to look ultra-sleek and modern to help you achieve that designer bathroom finish.

Space Saving Shower Enclosures:

Cleverly designed products that make the most of your available space.

As we look to add more bathrooms to our homes, they are being squeezed into smaller and tighter spaces. With showering now a part of our daily routine, Roman has designed a range of products that will make the most of your available space. Choose from products which have options in a small footprint, through to inward opening doors which avoid other bathroom fittings.

Walk-in Shower Enclosures:

Walk-in enclosures offer luxurious minimal styling and totally effortless entry

Roman offers a diverse range of stunning and luxurious walk-in enclosures in a variety of shapes and sizes; from bath replacements, to more compact versions. Our Walk-ins can be installed to a low level Roman tray, or alternatively, to achieve a hotel bathroom finish, they can be installed straight to floor in a wetroom situation.

 Wet Room Shower Panels:

Roman’s collection of Wet Room Shower Panels incorporate a variety of different styles, from totally minimalist versions in our Sculptures Collection, through to curved wet room panels in our Orbital range. They are available in a range of sizes to suit your space and in both corner and linear versions. Our wetroom panels allow you to create a real spa-like hotel inspired bathroom retreat.

Shower Accessories:

Roman supply a wide range of shower accessories to include Shower trays, Shower heads, Accessibility Products, Shower Tiles and Cleaning Products. Visit our website to see our comprehensive range.