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Suppliers of: Rigid Transparent PVC Sheet, Foam PVC Sheet, Rigid PVC Sheet, Rigid Coloured PVC Sheet

With over 15,000 PVC sheets stocked in our warehouse NWS UK are one of the leading distributers of PVC sheet products. Sheets are manufactured to our specification, which is based on over 10 years’ experience in the hygienic wall cladding sector.

PVC products are distributed throughout the UK on our transport or collected from our trade counter. Due to our direct link with a leading manufacturer, we are able to offer our sheet products at a price most other suppliers cannot match. We currently supply a wide range of plastic distribution and cladding installation companies throughout the UK. Our CladPanel Premier and Elite sheet range is the highest quality sheet on the UK market.

Our Products:

  • HYGIENIC WALL CLADDING  - White hygienic wall cladding is a simple, convenient, durable, and hygienic option for internal walls. It is resistant to most forms of potential damage including physical and environmental.
  • FASCIA BOARD  - Fascia boards should not only look attractive but they will also protect the roof and the interior of the property from weather damage. Choosing the right size is important and you will also be able to choose from a range of different materials as well as a gamut of colours and styles.
  • SOFFIT BOARD - soffit boards became so popular because they look great while being easy to maintain and they are inexpensive too. They are also durable and can protect the property from many factors and elements such as wind and rain when used in conjunction with fascias. Made from PVC and Available in a range of colours.
  • GUTTERING – NWS UK offer a wide selection of guttering and guttering joints in either round, square or ogee profiles. We stock the three main colour choices black, white or brown.
  • SHIPLAP CLADDING – shiplap cladding provides a protective envelope around a building in order to protect from wind, rain, and other elements and can offer other protection too. With good quality plastic shiplap cladding it is possible to enjoy reduced energy bills while also providing a more comfortable living environment.
  • DRY VERGE & EAVES – Our dry verges come in 3 great colours to suit all slate / roof tile colours and designs. We stock it in Slate Grey, Terracotta and Brown. We also stock the ridge cap covers for our dry verge in round or angled to suit your ridge tiles.
  • ARCHITRAVE & TRIMS - Whether you require a simple design or a more classic sculpted look from your architraves, you should consider uPVC to be the ideal material. It is hard wearing and log lasting, requires little maintenance, and it can be wiped clean quickly and easily. It is also an inexpensive material that is quick and simply to fit.
  • WINDOW BOARDS & SILLS – we supply both bullnose and square edge window sills in a range of different colours. Made from uPVC we supply colours in white, black, rosewood and golden oak.
  • ROOMLINE SKIRTING BOARD - Available in Satin White or Traditional Oak for an authentic wood finish our skirting boards come in either 100mm or 150mm high boards in lengths of 5m. These easy to fit low maintenance skirtings come in two designs, either chamfered or torus.
  • POLYCARBONATE ROOFING – available in twin wall, triple wall or multi wall sheets polycarbonate is a great choice for many outdoor applications such as outbuilding roofing where light penetration is desired. Available in Clear, opal or bronze these sheets are practical as well as durable.
  • SOLID POLYCARBONATE SHEET - Clear Axgard sheet products are specified where a high degree of strength is required to protect against impact and provide a safe glazing solution in the place of glass. The Clear Axgard material is extruded from a polymer resin which is approximately 200 times stronger than glass of the same thickness and is therefore classed as virtually unbreakable.
  • CORRUGATED PVC SHEET - Commonly used for roofing on lean to and sheds because they can be pitched and offer rainwater runoff. They can also be used for other functions too. The corrugated shape of the plastic gives greater strength and reinforcement to the sheets while the plastic is easy to maintain, as it does not require regular treatment even if it is to be used on the outside of a building. The range of styles and finishes means that you can find PVC sheets that are ideal for any function. 
  • ABS PIPE & FITTINGS - ABS is suitable for all temperatures in the region of -40oC to 70oC and is extremely durable. Our ABS Pipes and Fittings have a smooth bore which prevents lime scale build up and hence deliver quality flow and are manufactured to last 50 years. Our ABS systems are non-toxic therefore suitable for potable water, scratch resistant, corrosion free and resistant to a wide range of chemicals. Another benefit of ABS is that it’s perfect for conveying high purity de-ionised water. Our ABS systems are fully matched and more affordable than metal pipe systems.
  • PVC PIPE & FITTINGS - All our PVC pipes can be used in temperatures ranging from 5oC up to 60oC. They’re also abrasion resistant, chemical resistant and corrosion free. There smooth bore also helps resist lime scale build up so your system has a superior flow. Each of our PVC pipes has an expected design life of 50 years based on maximum pressure at 20oC and is light and simple to install. Our PVC Pipe and fittings are perfect for use with acids, alkali’s, effluents, effluent treatment and chemical processing. They are also nontoxic making them suitable for potable water. Our PVC Pipe Systems are meticulous, highly precise and are great substitutes for expensive metal pipe systems.

Rigid PVC Sheet:

  • CladPanel Elite - Our CladPanel Elite rigid PVC sheet is the highest quality cladding sheet on the UK market. This sheet is used in a wide range of industries including internal cladding, decorative and manufacturing sectors.
  • CladPanel Premium - Our CladPanel Premium rigid PVC sheet has been manufactured to our specification in order to suit the wall cladding sector. This sheet has a textured back for improved adhesion, with a high quality smooth satin gloss finish.
  • CladPanel Pastel - CladPanel rigid pastel PVC sheets are available in a range of colours including Blue, Green, Cream, Grey and Sandstone. This sheet range is used in hygienic areas where cosmetic appearance is preferred. A full range of colour matched trims and profiles are stocked.
  • CladPanel Gloss - CladPanel gloss PVC sheets are available in a range of colours including Red, Black, Lime Green, Purple, Orange, Pink, Avocado, Grape Green and Dark Grey. Matching trims and profiles are stocked to suit all colours, along with colour matching silicone.

Foam PVC Sheet

  • White Foam PVC Sheet - Our white foam PVC sheet has a medium density foam core with a smooth satin finish. Sheet sizes are 2.44m x 1.22m and 3.05m x 1.52m. Foam sheet thicknesses are 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. This sheet is ideal for internal signage and interior design projects for reception areas and other decorative environments.
  • Coloured Foam PVC Sheet - Our coloured foam PVC sheet has a medium density core with a smooth satin finish. Standard sheet sizes are 2.44m x 1.22m and 3.05m x 1.52m. This sheet is available in 3mm, 5mm and 10mm thicknesses. Colours include red, blue, orange, yellow, black and grey. Applications include wall cladding and partition walls.

Clear PVC Sheet

  • Clear PVC Sheet - Our clear PVC sheet is crystal clear and has a rigid composition. Clear PVC can be used externally due to its resistance to external elements. Practical uses include balustrades and skylights as well as other internal and external applications. Our clear PVC sheet is available in a range of sizes including 2.0m x 1.0m and 3.0m x 1.5m. Thicknesses of 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. Clear PVC sheet can be vacuum formed, drilled, milled and punched. Clear PVC is crystal clear, with a light transparency of 88%.

We stock a wide range of PVC sheet profiles including angles, joining strips, internal angles, external angles, capping strips, internal corners and external corners. Profiles are stocked in white and a range of pastel and gloss colours.

Hygienic wall cladding is one of the most popular applications for our PVC sheet range. This system includes both our sheet and profile ranges. A full range of accessories are also stocked, these include adhesive, PVC rivets and silicone. This system is used in areas which require a high level of hygiene. These areas include hospitals, food preparation areas, commercial kitchens and operating theatres.


Further technical information is available in the BPi download library or on our website at www.plasticbuildingsupplies.com

These files are provided by the manufacturer. While Building Products Index takes every care to ensure the information is correct and up to date, we cannot be held liable for any out of date or incorrect information in them. Please check with the supplier before specifying or purchasing products.

CLADDINGS INTERNAL Chemical Resisting .
CLADDINGS INTERNAL Fire Resisting .Fire Protection Fire Proofing Fire Resistant
CLADDINGS INTERNAL Fire Resisting BS 476 Parts 6 and 7 Class 1
FOAM PVC Sheets .
PANELS Chemical Resistant .
PANELS Coloured .
PANELS Display .
PANELS Food Processing Areas .
PANELS Hygienic .
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Chemical Resistant .
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID PVC: Fire Resistant Class 1 Fire Rated
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Security Safety Glazing
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Translucent: .
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Translucent: Transparent Clear
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Translucent: Vandal Resistant
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Vandal Resistant .

The UK’s Favourite Hygienic Wall Cladding

January 2019

CleanClad explains its product range and uses

When it comes to being a market leader, CleanClad has cornered a niche. It is the UK’s best-known brand of PVC hygienic wall cladding. An independent supplier, its products are used in every conceivable sensitive environment - from commercial kitchens and schools to hospitals and laboratories. It has made its name online, delivering orders large and small to a wide range of customers across the country. Repeat clients include leading fast food chains, hotels, universities, health care providers and food manufacturers.

The company is first for choice, stock and free technical advice. Its core products include:

 Hygienic wall cladding
 Wall cladding profiles
 Hygienic ceiling cladding
 Cladding accessories

Customers can order with confidence and complete a hygiene project in a matter of days.

Hygiene has taken on increased significance

Michael Brightmore is the spokesman for CleanClad. He has seen an upturn in sales - the result of increased demand for robust hygiene solutions. He says: “Publicity surrounding cases where there have been hygiene failings have made people sit up and take note. They are more aware of what is required to keep a sensitive environment safe. Our product range has been designed to meet the most stringent food safety and hygiene standards and can be used almost anywhere.

“Those looking for smooth surfaces that are really easy to keep hygienically clean trust us to deliver solutions they can totally rely on. It is why CleanClad can be used in any space where hygiene has to be paramount. This includes areas where food is prepared and spaces uses for storage. Importantly, CleanClad is moisture, chemical and impact resistant.”

Wall cladding products and installation

Commercial kitchen cladding is commonly used as an alternative to expensive and hard to maintain tiles and stainless steel. It is cheaper, high-performing and low maintenance. CleanClad is very easy to install. However, for customers who want to achieve a professional finish, CleanClad offers a nationwide wall cladding installation service.

For those who want to install cladding themselves, CleanClad offers easy online ordering and fast delivery. With the entire hygienic cladding range available online, it is a convenient as well as economical way to buy hygiene solutions. The CleanClad range includes colours interior designers love. As well as satin white, you will find cladding materials in soft pastel shades and bright and bold high-gloss colours.

CleanClad product range

Satin white hygienic wall cladding sheets

CleadClad’s rigid white hygienic wall cladding sheets are stocked in two sizes - 2.4m x 1.2m and 3.0m x 1.2m. Customers can choose the thickness they require - 1.5mm, 2mm and 2.5mm. To aid installation, each sheet has an embossed surface on one side. These sheets are made from food grade pure PVC polymer.

This high-spec product benefits from a Class 1 fire resistance rating, UV resistance and high impact resistance. It is the number one wall cladding for businesses and healthcare providers because it is manufactured specifically for hygiene applications.

Coloured hygienic wall cladding sheets

For customer-facing environments, you can’t beat CleanClad. The hygiene solution is available in a wide range of stunning, coloured finishes. Each coloured hygienic wall cladding sheet is available in two sizes: 2.4m x 1.2m and 3.0m x 1.2m. Thickness: 2.5mm.

Stocked pastel colours: Blue, Cream, Grey, Sandstone and Green.

Stocked high gloss colours: Dark Grey, Black, Red, Purple, Fuchsia, Orange, Lime Green, Grape Green, Avocado Green and Ocean Blue.

This range of wall cladding is perfect for: bars, theatre-style kitchens, nightclubs, dining areas, shops, takeaways, reception rooms, offices, hospitals, schools, leisure facilities and any high traffic area.

Properties for CleanClad hygienic wall cladding

Density [g/cm³] - DIN EN ISO 1183 - 1.44 – 1.46; Tensile strength [MPa] - ISO 527 (50mm/min) - 52; Tensile modulus of elasticity [MPa] - ISO 527 (50mm/min) - 3000; Impact resistance [kj/m²] (Charpy) - ISO 179/1eU - o.B.; Flexural strength [MPa] - ISO 178 (2mm/min) - 73; Flexural modulus of elasticity [MPa] - ISO 178 (2mm/min) - 2750; Shore-Hardness D ISO 868 - 78; Coefficient of expansion [10⁴ /K] - DIN 53 752 - 7·10⁻ ⁵; Vicat-Softening point [°C] ISO 306 (B 50) - 72; Heat distortion temperature [°C] - ISO 75-2 (1,8 Mpa) - 60; Water absorption [%] ISO 62 (after 216h) - 0.1; Protective film one-side.

Hygienic Ceiling Cladding

CleanClad stocks the following: hygienic ceiling cladding sheets, PVC ceiling planks and joints and ceiling cladding profiles.

Hygienic ceiling cladding planks (sold in packs of 5)are stocked in two sizes - 3m x 250mm and 5m x 250mm. With a Class 1 fire rating, this product out-performs alternative products in demanding environments and is super easy to clean.

Ceiling Cladding Starter Trim (Pack of 5): Stocked in lengths of 5m. Total coverage 25m.

Ceiling Cladding H Section (Pack of 5): Sold in lengths of 5m. Total coverage 25m.

Profiles for Hygienic Wall Cladding

CleanClad stocks profiles with finishes to match all its sheet colours. In the range, you will find: wall cladding capping strip, wall cladding external angle, wall cladding internal angle, wall cladding H section, wall cladding 2 part H section and wall cladding internal corner joint.

CleanClad profiles are stocked in measurements that match both sheet sizes and thicknesses.

Wall Cladding Accessories

310ml tube of hybrid adhesive: Buy 1 tube for every 8ft x 4ft sheet. Bonds to almost any surface.

6.5L tub of 2 part hybrid adhesive: This product should be mixed before use.

600ml MS polymer cladding adhesive: High-grab, solvent-free polymer adhesive. Sold in an economical foil sausage. Zero waste. Easy application. Buy the applicator gun to go with this product.

12 pack 600ml MS polymer cladding adhesive: Multi-pack. Use with an applicator gun.

600ml foil sausage combi applicator gun: Buy with the 600ml MS polymer cladding adhesive. Re-useable.

330ml economy cladding adhesive: Two tubes for each 2.44 x 1.22 sheet and three tubes for the 3.05m x 1.22m sheet.

300ml gloss wall cladding sealant: Ten colours stocked.

Hygienic wall cladding plastic rivets: Two sizes - 1 inch and 1.5 inch. Sold in bags of 100.

Contact CleanClad on 03334566700 or visit https://www.cleanclad.net

NWS UK - Why Coloured Foam is The True Star of Trade Shows

November 2018

Every year thousands of trade shows are staged in the UK - as many as 7,000. They shine a light on new innovations and, importantly, give businesses a chance to put their products and services in the spotlight. What many trade show exhibitors and visitors don’t know is that coloured foam makes it all possible.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of coloured foam hygienic wall cladding pvc sheet, we are proud to be providing a modern way for businesses to show off their wares. That is because our coloured foam is used to make exhibition stands. If you are an events organiser, insist your shell schemes are made from the highest quality coloured foam - supplied by NWS-UK Limited.

The importance of coloured foam in business

Widely used in advertising applications, coloured foam is suitable for signage, can be vacuum formed and has excellent mechanical properties. It is robust enough to provide a sturdy base during trade shows and is visually appealing.

More and more businesses rely on coloured foam PVC sheet to get their message across at trade shows, exhibitions and conferences. As the popularity of trade shows has grown, so too has demand for CladPanel materials supplied by us.

Why trade shows are good for business

Networking is increasingly playing a role in business. In fact, it is considered as important as referrals. Trade shows facilitate networking by getting a large number of people with similar interests in the same place at the same time. Promoting a business in today’s climate requires a totally professional approach - hence the rise and rise of stunning exhibition stands and advertising signage.

NWS-UK Limited supplies coloured foam PVC sheet to manufacturers, contractors and a wide range of other sectors. Based in Rotherham, Yorkshire, it is a bulk distributor of CladPanel PVC sheet products manufactured in Germany. Obtain a free quote or enquire about opening a trade account by emailing sales@nws-uk.co.uk.

Alternatively, visit NWS-UK Limited’s website for further information.

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