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Established in 2002 Ambient Electrical is a specialist Electric Underfloor Heating company, offering a comprehensive range of tried and tested floor heating products throughout the UK.

we have always worked closely with our customers, sharing our many years of experience with everyone from electrical trade specialists and professional installers to architects, and interior designers who appreciate the best. We are here to offer expert design advice and to give our customers the confidence to buy exactly what they need.

Electric underfloor heating offers a simple, efficient and cost effective solution to everyday heating requirements. Ambient supply electric underfloor heating mat kits and electric underfloor heating cable kits which can be used under all types of floors. Ambient Electric Underfloor Heating Systems all use non-corrosive, flexible heating elements with a low profile allowing them to easily be installed directly underneath floor finishes. Electric underfloor heating systems use far fewer components and are much simpler to install than plumbed-in (hydronic) systems.

We carry an extensive range of products for differing applications, levels of heat output and ease of installation; So whether you are an experienced trade professional or DIY enthusiast looking to bring warmth and value into your home, Ambient Electric Underfloor Heating has the solution for you. Our electric underfloor heating systems can be used under laminate floors, for heating under tiles, under wooden floor heating, and floor warming systems that include under shower floor heating. Power rating and consumption for electric floor heating systems is based on wattage, all of our heating elements are designed for standardised european voltage.

Our Product range includes:

Floor Heating Solutions

  • Under Tile Heating -Electric underfloor heating beneath ceramic or stone tile can be achieved with either Under Tile Mat or Loose Wire options.
  • Under Laminate Heating - Electric underfloor heating systems for use beneath Laminate floors up to 18mm thick.
  • In-Screed Underfloor Heating - Designed for electric underfloor heating installations within or beneath the floor screed. Used as a cost effective primary heating solution in new build projects.

 Electric Underfloor Heating Systems

  • Floor Heating Mat Kits (standard) - A popular choice for all tiled floors.
  • Floor Heating Mat Kits (sticky) - The ultimate underfloor heating mat, designed for quick, easy & reliable installation.

  • Floor Heating Loose Wire Kits - Electric under tile heating cables are 3.0mm diameter, they are twin wire and earth screened, so are suitable for bathroom applications.

  • ThermoLAM Foil Heaters (laminate & wood) - ThermoLAM - New range of foil electric underfloor heating mats for use beneath laminate and engineered wood floors.

  • Warmup Underfloor Heating - usually installed beneath a tiled or stone floor finish but can be used beneath Vinyl’s with a covering of an appropriate floor levelling compound.

  • In-Screed Underfloor Heating - Designed for electric underfloor heating installations within or beneath the floor screed. Heavy duty 6mm diameter twin wire earth screened cables supplied with full range of fixing accessories. Used as a cost effective primary heating source in new build projects. 

Underfloor Heating Thermostats

All of our high quality electric underfloor heating thermostats will give you precise temperature control. Some of the more advanced thermostats are Wi-Fi enabled so you can control your settings from a laptops or smartphone.  Some of these models can also display a weather forecast and may be personalised to suit you home with a photo or image on the screen display.  The higher end range of Ambient’s electric underfloor heating thermostats can even help you lower your energy bills by automatically switching to the best electricity tariff available.


Insulation forms an integral part of any well designed underfloor heating system. Ambient offer insulation options to suit your specific project requirments. 

Adhesives, Grouts & Levelling Compound

A superior range of Levelling Compounds, Adhesives and Grouts designed for use with Underfloor Heating. Guaranteed compatible with our under tile heating systems and insulation boards.

Towel Heaters

Ambient offer a sophisticated range of electric Towel Warmers and Bathroom Heaters to suit all tastes, from the contemporary glass and stainless steel ETG range to the more traditional chrome or white finished tubular styles.

Mirror Demisters

A range of hi-tech demisters to ensure fog free mirrors in steamy rooms. Easy to fit wire in to lighting circuit, no thermostat required.

We are proud of our reputation for exceptional customer service, both before and after-sales, and offer the widest UK range of quality electric underfloor heating systems at genuine value for money prices.

Further technical information is available in the BPi download library or on the Ambient Underfloor Heating website.

BOARDS Baseboard/Backing Board .See Also CLADDING or RENDER or TILE Backer Boards
INSULATION BOARDS Underfloor Heating .
INSULATION BOARDS Underfloor Heating Battened Floor
INSULATION BOARDS Underfloor Heating Foil Backed
INSULATION BOARDS Underfloor Heating Screeded Floor
INSULATION BOARDS Underfloor Heating Timber Suspended Floor
INSULATION PANELS Underfloor Heating .
RADIATORS Flat Panel Vertical Towel Rail Combined
RADIATORS Towel Drying .
TOWEL RADIATORS Towel Warmers See Also TOWEL RAILS: Heated Towel Radiators
TOWEL RAILS Heated Towel Rails (Electric Heat Sources) .
TOWEL RAILS Heated Towel Rails (Electric Heat Sources) Glass Panel
TOWEL RAILS Heated Towel Rails (Electric Heat Sources) Multirail Ladder
TOWEL RAILS Heated Towel Rails (Electric Heat Sources) Thermostatic
UNDERFLOOR HEATING Boards and Panels .
UNDERFLOOR HEATING Controls Electric Systems
UNDERFLOOR HEATING Dry Timber Construction .
UNDERFLOOR HEATING Electric Systems Cable
UNDERFLOOR HEATING Electric Systems Cable Mats
UNDERFLOOR HEATING Electric Systems Foil Cable Mats
UNDERFLOOR HEATING Electric Systems Heating Elements
UNDERFLOOR HEATING Electric Systems Inscreed Cable Systems Screeded Floors
UNDERFLOOR HEATING Electric Systems Laminate Floors and Engineered Timber
UNDERFLOOR HEATING Thermal Insulation .
UNDERFLOOR HEATING Thermostats Electric Systems
UNDERFLOOR HEATING Wiring and Control Centres .
AUBE Thermostat
BLUEBOARD Insulation Boards
HEATMISER Thermostat
MARMOX Insulated Tile Backing Board
STICKY MAT Electric Underfloor Heating
THERMOLAM Electric Underfloor Heating
WARMUP Thermostat

Benefits Of Electric Underfloor Heating

May 2018

A significant benefit of choosing electric underfloor heating is that it is surprisingly easy to install. Preparation for installation can be carried out by any competent DIY enthusiast and would only require professional help from an electrician during the final installation, testing and connection of the underfloor wiring.

Using one of our quality underfloor heating thermostats, you will be able to control the heating mats swiftly and efficiently with a quick warm-up time and optimised running costs. Your floor heating thermostat works in an almost identical way to your central heating clock timer - simply program it to run at the times you want it to be warm! As the heat is spread uniformly across the entire floor you can then use a moderate temperature rather than a high setting to provide consistent heat throughout the room.

Using Ambient Electric’s underfloor heating mats in your home will provide adequate heat throughout without cold-spots or the need for regular maintenance associated with traditional radiators systems which rely on a boiler. Depending on the specification, our heating mats can provide sufficient heat to be the sole source for most rooms in your home. They can also be used under a range of floor types including tile, vinyl, laminate, wooden floors* and carpet.

* Maximum wood thickness 18mm, or warm up time will be slowed and heat output greatly reduced.

Overall Electric underfloor heating is more efficient than other forms of electric heating and most other convection systems as 100% of the electrical energy is turned into heat. To give an indivcation of running costs you could expect to pay as little as of 1p per square metre, per hour of heating. Therefore, a 10m² squared area bathroom could cost 10p per hour of heating using underfloor mats. Assuming the heating is on for 2 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening, it would cost approximately 50p per day, or roughly £15 per month. (based on 2017 average UK electricity prices).

Why not contact us today on 01799 524730 to discuss which underfloor heating system is right for you, to lower your energy bills and increase the comfort of your home!

How Easy Is It To Install Electric Underfloor Heating?

May 2018

Increasingly more popular year by year, people are opting to buy electric underfloor heating to warm their homes. All over the UK, particularly in existing properties, electric underfloor heating is installed easily without requiring any serious construction work.

It may initially seem daunting to consider installing an electric underfloor heating system into your property, however installation is surprisingly simple. Underfloor heating distributes heat evenly which makes it perfect for home extensions as well as kitchen, conservatory and bathroom refurbishment projects. It is also a great space-saver removing the need for traditional wall-hung radiators. We recommend professional advice should you feel unsure about installing electric underfloor heating; If in doubt it is always best to speak with the experts who know exactly what they are doing!

An electric underfloor heating installation project uses a series of cables or underfloor heating mats that run beneath your flooring surface. We recommend using floor heating insulation beneath the heating elements in order to reflect the most heat efficiently upwards while it is being produced.

A loose wire installation gives you the freedom to tailor the system to fit your room perfectly, especially for unusually shaped spaces. The more usual method is to use the pre-wired heating mats. For examples, please view our selection of Ambient Electric Heating supplies. For an existing property, an underfloor heating specialist will charge on average around £200 per day with individual rooms being completed in around a day. The typical overall cost of installing a good quality system with insulation board beneath in an average conservatory would be around £700. A whole house renovation project with under tile mats would typically require 4-6 day’s work at a budget cost of £2500-£4000. We are here to advise with any electric underfloor heating project, so please call one of our experts for a free, friendly consultation.

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