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Graphenstone is the most advanced solution of ecological and natural paints in the market.

Graphene based innovation: increased hardness, homogeneity, strength, conductivity and flexibility.

The graphene fibres provide the coatings and paints of Graphenstone with innovative qualities: thermal conductivity, greater toughness, flexibility, strength and uniformity. This nanotechnology compound acts as a structural support mesh at the molecular level, which translates into greater durability and therefore lower maintenance and more significant savings.

High Quality Lime is the raw material of Graphenstone’s products

The Graphenstone products use lime which is made in wood burning kilns, which results in a lime with high whiteness and purity. This lime, has been produced in this way since the mid-nineteenth century.

Furthermore, the lime cycle is 100% natural, from the wood that’s used to feed the oven, through the firing, to the collection.

Lime & Graphene: The perfect mix

Lime and graphene combined form the ultimate ecological, natural coatings and paints in the world. This is why the Graphenstone products have great performance and covering properties. Thanks to their flexibility the coatings does not crack or flake off. It also contributes to energy savings due to its great reflective power. Moreover, thanks to its mineral character it reduces the reverberance of the sound.

We design and manufacture with respect for the environment, the circular economy and energy efficiency; this is the reason why our products fit perfectly in Green or Eco Buildings, Passive Houses, and Smart Cities.

Healthy Environments

Graphenstone is the ultimate ecological range of products, composed of natural elements that purify the air we breathe inside our homes. It is suitable for people suffering from chemical intolerance, recommended for indoor enclosures, hospitals, nurseries, geriatrics, hotels, environments or rooms for infants and children.

Graphenstone is quality and certifications

Graphenstone is committed to the highest environmental standards. We have achieved excellent levels of quality control, both in our production processes and finished products, fulfilling the most exacting national and international regulations.

Our product Range includes:

  • Internal & external Paints & Specialist Paints
  • Specialist Finishes
  • Mortars and Specialist Renders
  • Primers
  • Putties
  • Specialist Solutions

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These files are provided by the manufacturer. While Building Products Index takes every care to ensure the information is correct and up to date, we cannot be held liable for any out of date or incorrect information in them. Please check with the supplier before specifying or purchasing products.

FILLERS By Composition: Graphene and Lime Based
FILLERS Decorators Caulk .
FILLERS Exterior .
FILLERS Fine Grade .
FILLERS Interior .
FILLERS Masonry Repair .
MORTARS Adhesive .
MORTARS Bedding Tile Bedding
MORTARS Chloride Free .
MORTARS Coloured .
MORTARS Facade Repair .
MORTARS Fairing Coat .
MORTARS Graphene and Lime Based .
MORTARS Lightweight .
MORTARS Lightweight Fibre Reinforced
MORTARS Lightweight Repairing
MORTARS Lime Based .
MORTARS Lime Based Hydrated Lime
MORTARS Lime Based Hydraulic Lime Mortars
MORTARS Non-Toxic .
MORTARS Readymixed .
MORTARS Readymixed Ready to Use Coloured
MORTARS Readymixed Lime .
MORTARS Thermal Floors Underfloor Heating
PAINT Air Purifying .
PAINT Algae Resistant .
PAINT Anti-Bacterial Anti-Microbial Bactericide
PAINT Anti-Condensation .
PAINT Cellars .
PAINT Childsafe .
PAINT CO2 Absorbing .
PAINT Eco Friendly .
PAINT Ecolabel Mark EU Environmental Accreditation
PAINT Electromagnetic/Radiation Shielding/ RF Shielding/EMF Shielding/EMR Shielding
PAINT Exterior .
PAINT Fungus Resisting .
PAINT Gloss Anti-Bacterial Anti-Microbial Bactericide
PAINT Graphene Based .
PAINT Insect Repellent .
PAINT Lime Based .
PAINT Lime Fresco Appearance .
PAINT Low Environmental Impact .
PAINT Low VOC Content .
PAINT Marble Effect .
PAINT Masonry .
PAINT Masonry Graphene and Lime Based
PAINT Masonry Rendered Surfaces
PAINT Masonry Restoration
PAINT Masonry Waterbased
PAINT Matt .
PAINT Matt Anti-Bacterial Anti-Microbial Bactericide
PAINT Matt Flat Matt
PAINT Matt Scrubbable Matt
PAINT Matt Scrubbable Matt Mould Inhibiting
PAINT Matt Wipeable Coating, Washable
PAINT Mineral Breathable Coatings
PAINT Mould Inhibitor Anti-Mould
PAINT Natural .
PAINT Non-Toxic .
PAINT Photocatalytic (Noxious Gas and Odour Reducing) Decontaminating Decontaminant
PAINT Stain Blocking .
PAINT Stain Blocking Waterbased
PAINT Stone .
PAINT Stucco .
PAINT Textured .
PAINT Textured External
PAINT Waterbased .
PLASTERS Decorative Finish Lime Based
PLASTERS Lime Based Fibre Reinforced
PLASTERS Perlite/Lime/Cement .
PRIMERS For Metal .
PRIMERS For Metal Waterbased
PRIMERS For Multi-Surface .
PRIMERS For Paint Coatings .
PRIMERS For Wood .
PRIMERS: TYPES Graphene and Lime Based .
PRIMERS: TYPES Multi Surface .
PRIMERS: TYPES Solvent Free VOC Volatile Compliant
PRIMERS: TYPES Waterbased .
RENDERS Hydrated Lime Mix .
RENDERS Lime/Cement .
RENDERS Lime/Sand .
RENDERS Limewash .
WALL FINISHES Decorative Plaster Lime Based .
WALL FINISHES Polished Plaster Slaked Lime with Recycled Marble Powder
AMBIENTPRIMER PREMIUM Primer for Photocatalytic Paint
AMBIENTPRO PREMIUM Photocatalytic Paint
BIOSPHERE PREMIUM Exterior White Paint
CONTAK PREMIUM Adherence for Mortars
ECOSPHERE PREMIUM Interior White Paint
FOUR2FOUR PREMIUM Adherence Bridge for Metal and Wood
GCS EXTERIOR PREMIUM Exterior Colour Paint
GCS INTERIOR PREMIUM Interior Colour Paint
GRAFCLEAN PREMIUM White and Colour Paint for Interior and Exterior
HYDROXEAL PREMIUM Hydro-Repellent Treatment
KALGRAPHIN Lime Putty for Mortars
KRATZPUTZ Paint for Extreme Weather Conditions
MINERSEAL PREMIUM Consolidating Treatment
NEUTRALYSAL PREMIUM Saltpetre Resistant Treatment
PRIMER CGS PREMIUM Primer for Colour Paint
PROSHIELD PREMIUM Electromagnetic Waves Shielding Paint
STOPWATER PREMIUM Moisture Barrier Treatment
STUKI Decorative Finish Paint
THERMSLAB PREMIUM Mortar Thermal Floors

Paints for the GREEN generation

May 2018

Paints for the GREEN generation

Nominated paint supplier to Park 20/20 Holland (working to Cradle to Cradle Institute principles)

What makes 21st Century Graphenstone paint unique?

Beautiful, Breathable, 100% Natural
Contains Graphene (the strongest element known to science)
Cradle to Cradle Gold & Silver certified
Sustainable, VOC free, lime and silicate products (healthy for both people and planet)

Contains nano-material Graphene

Email to request a free colour card or order sample pots.

Ecological Paint Specified at Park 20/20

December 2017

Park 20 | 20 is the first of its kind in the world. Built on the principles of Cradle to Cradle it is leading the way in ambition for a circular economy.

Park 20 | 20 is where people, the environment, and economic feasibility is the foundation. It is a business park where the quality of the spaces that are marketed directly affects the performance and efficiency of workers as well as decreases work absenteeism. (Source: Delta Development Group certified by KPMG).

As an official supplier within the companies circuit at Park 20 | 20, Graphenstone provides ecological materials from our Premium range.

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