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Kingspan Solar Thermal is a global leader in solar thermal systems offering trusted renewable water heating solutions including evacuated tube collectors, flat plate panels and solar cylinders for commercial, industrial and residential use.


Evacuated Tube Collectors

Thermomax evacuated tube collectors deliver an unrivalled transfer of solar energy into heat. The vacuum inside each tube provides perfect insulation and reduces heat loss by protecting the system from outside influences. This results in a greater solar yield than traditional flat plate panels, providing increased performance and efficiency.  All of our solar thermal collectors are MCS approved and are backed by an industry leading guarantee. Simple ’plug and play’ design reduces installation time.


Thermomax HP400 Evacuated Tube Collectors - HP400 is a highly efficient Heat Pipe collector; HP400 is a ’Dry System’ recommended especially for domestic use. The superior vacuum inside Thermomax HP tubes protects the system from outside influences such as cold conditions or high humidity, whereas the unique temperature limitation device protects the system from overheating.


Thermomax DF400 Evacuated Tube Collectors - DF400 is a highly efficient Direct Flow collector, providing perfect solution when the ideal installation position is not available. This is a fully pumped ’wet system’ offering great flexibility in installation as it can be installed both horizontally and vertically. DF400 solar thermal collectors are recommended especially for commercial and industrial use.

Varisol Evacuated Tube Collectors - Varisol is the first evacuated tube collector with no rigid manifold offering high performance as well as total flexibility. Varisol tubes provide efficient transfer of solar energy for solar water and space heating. Manufactured from high performance polymer materials and designed with ‘click-fit’ technology to create solar thermal collectors which are easier to install, high performing, flexible and are more environmentally friendly.


Solar Flat Plate Panels

Kingspan Solar flat plate panels have everything you could look for in a solar collector. They harness the sun’s energy to provide high levels of efficiency and performance and are one of the most popular solar collectors on the market. Our panels are both robust and flexible in installation. A range of fixing brackets allows for the panels to be installed on all types of roof tiles including concrete, slate and clay peg.


Solar Hot Water Cylinders

Our solar hot water cylinders are designed for use with solar thermal collectors, providing an integrated and environmentally friendly solution for hot water. We offer a wide range of quality solar cylinders to meet the hot water demands of your home or business.

Ultrasteel Plus Solar Indirect Cylinders - An ideal solution for providing mains pressure hot water for both domestic and light commercial applications. Perfect for any solar thermal hot water system.

Tribune Xe Solar Indirect Cylinders - Tribune Xe solar cylinders have been designed specifically with solar applications in mind as an environmentally friendly and efficient solution for providing powerful hot water. Connection to a traditional boiler acts as a secondary heating source on days when there isn’t enough solar input.  

Trinity 3c Solar Cylinders - Featuring a patented three coil design the Trinity 3c is a unique unvented hot water cylinder, developed specifically to gain the maximum yield from a solar thermal system. Primary coil connects to the solar thermal system whereas secondary coil connects to a standard boiler or heat pump and the unique third coil outputs energy into the central heating system.


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Get more Bang for your Buck with Solar Thermal!

August 2018

The relative efficiency of renewable energy technologies – ie. their ability to transform solar or wind energy into electricity and heat – is a key element in calculating the likely effectiveness and expected ROI of renewable installations. Recently published research shows that solar thermal technology is more efficient than any other renewable system.

According to the latest findings reported by The Global Solar Energy Council on its website ( solar thermal offers the highest energy yield per square metre of any renewable technologies (including PV, biomass or bioethanol). The report also counters any suggestion that the vagaries of the British weather are a significant limiting factor on the efficiency of solar technology.

The article* states:

“The annual energy yield per square metre is much higher for solar collectors than for other renewable technologies…Compared to PV, solar collectors produce, on average, three times as many kilowatt-hours….Compared to biomass or bioethanol, output is in average as much as 43 times their yield.”

Source: Fraunhofer ISE, PlanEnergi and Chalmers University

Our Thermomax solar thermal collectors are specifically designed for Northern European climates. They work from dawn till dusk, producing usable heat even on a cold, overcast, wet and windy day, and delivering an unrivalled transfer of solar energy into heat – a co-efficient of performance (COP) for domestic hot water provision of 20.9:1 compared to a heat pump which has a COP of 1.5:1.

Our solar thermal systems can provide up to 70% of a building’s annual hot water needs, which brings with it financial rewards for property owners as well – and not just in lowering heating bills. While tariffs for other renewable sectors have dropped off, owners of solar thermal systems continue to receive substantial payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) – a clear acknowledgement of its efficacy.

Indeed, solar thermal systems are so effective at providing domestic hot water that property owners can typically turn off their boilers in summer.

Solar thermal systems are normally roof-mounted and integrated into existing traditional boiler or electric immersion-heated system for space heating and hot water. They work very simply, which is part of the key to their efficiency. When sunlight hits the solar collector it heats thermal transfer liquid passing through it. A pump then circulates the heated thermal transfer liquid from the solar collector to the water tank coil, where its heat transfers to water within the tank. The pump returns the cooled thermal transfer liquid to the solar collector for reheating.

Key to a solar thermal system’s success is sizing the system correctly, so if you’d like to talk to one of our team about your installation, please call us on 00 353 42 9690022.

West Point Military Academy Installs Kingspan Solar Thermal Technology at New Barrack

October 2017

West Point Military Academy Installs Kingspan Solar Thermal Technology at New Barracks

West Point is a world-renowned US military academy with a 200-year history and a prodigious alumni list.

The Academy planned the opening of a new $200m barracks to house 650 cadets as part of an investment programme to upgrade buildings and accommodation. The six-storey, granite-clad Davis Barracks were commissioned to help relieve some crowding, as well as provide additional, flexible accommodation during the modernisation and refurbishment of other barracks.

The Academy’s project team were keen to install renewables energy solutions to reduce CO2 emissions as well as provide financial savings over the long-term.

Kingspan Solar’s expert team was invited to survey the site and offer recommendations for installing leading-edge solar thermal technology which could provide heated water for the barracks.

In the largest Kingspan solar thermal system ever specified in the USA, the team specified 132 x Thermomax HP450-30 Evacuated Tube Collectors to be mounted on the rooftop. The system was supported by custom Pump Skid comprising controls, duty-standby solar circulation pumps, duty-standby secondary circulation pumps, double wall heat exchanger to transfer the heat from the solar loop to the secondary DHW loop, telemetry, flow meters, etc.

The system would pre-heat 3 x 2,000 gallon tanks which feed the 3 x 4,000 gallon DHW tanks.

The annual solar contribution (T*Sol) is calculated as 1,223.4 MMBtu, with predicted annual CO2 savings of 188,043.22 lbs - equivalent to the CO2 absorbed by circa 3,900 trees per annum.

Thermomax solar collectors are up to 30 per cent more effective than traditional flat plate panels. They use vacuum technology to deliver an unrivalled transfer of solar energy into heat.

The vacuum inside each tube provides outstanding insulation and suppresses heat loss by protecting the system from cold temperatures. This provides optimum performance throughout the year, even in Northern Europe. Output is measured by an MX controller unit with built-in LCD display, which provides a constant, accurate measure of heat production for facilities managers to keep on record.

Thermomax collectors are also well suited to buildings such as universities and schools where usage and loading can vary greatly throughout the year. They are highly reliable with little risk of either stagnation or overheating while routine maintenance is minimal with the system needing servicing only once a year to maintain its optimum performance.

Kingspan Solar offers custom-designed solar packages tailored to meet the needs of each specific application. These include total customer support from initial advice, through to bespoke design and specification, installation, final commissioning and technical support.

The Kingspan Solar range includes both flat plate options (‘in-roof’ or ‘on-roof’) and Thermomax evacuated tube collectors, together with all required components for the complete installation.

The Davis Barracks building was open to cadets in August 2017.

For more information call Kingspan Solar on 00 353 42 9690022 or email

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