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Construction Specialties (UK) Ltd is the leading manufacturer of specialist building products for the healthcare, education, commercial, retail, leisure and industrial sectors. The company works closely with architects, interior designers, contactors and end users, offering comprehensive project support.

CS product ranges include wall protection, impact resistant doors, entrance matting, performance coatings, expansion joint covers, cubicle curtain track, solar shading systems, natural ventilation louvres and explosion venting.

CS Wallglaze® Performance Coatings

CS Wall and Ceiling Coatings range provides solutions for any situation whether in the commercial, private or public sector. All systems feature anti-microbial properties and will inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi on their surface throughout their long design life and even after rigorous and regular cleaning.

The range includes:

CS Wallsheen™

A water based coating offering high durability, protection against bacteria and fungi and moderate chemical resistance. This easy to apply & maintain coating is suitable for internal applications in dry areas, such as; light/medium use circulation areas, storage rooms and receptions, hospital wards and school classrooms.

Available in an Eggshell finish and in a wide range of colours.

CS Wallflex®

A solvent free polyurethane system offering excellent durability, high chemical & abrasion resistance and anti-microbial properties. This versatile system can be used in dry and ‘wet’ environments, including; hospital operating theatres & X-ray areas, category 1 & 2 ACDP clean rooms/laboratories, heavy use corridors, bathrooms and swimming pool changing areas.

Wallflex will withstand repeated cleaning with alkaline detergents, antiseptics and intermittent mild fumigation treatments without any degradation to surface or performance. Available in an Eggshell finish and in a wide range of colours.

CS Armourglaze™

A tough polyurethane coating system offering exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance, as well as anti-microbial, anti-carbonation and anti-graffiti properties. Suitable for use in category 3 and 4 ACDP clean rooms/labs, mortuaries, plant rooms/chemical stores, prisons and police stations, car parks, sports stadia, swimming pool halls and building exteriors.

The system is available in a choice of satin or gloss finish and in a wide range of colours. Armourglaze will withstand repeated cleaning with fumigants, peroxides and other aggressive chemical cleaners without any degradation to surface or performance.

CS Wallglaze® Primers

CS offers a selection of primers to facilitate application of surface coating systems to most substrates.

Optional Treatments

Where greater resistance to impact, abrasion or steam cleaning is required, fibreglass reinforcement options can be incorporated into CS Wallglaze systems.

Decorative patterns in light fibreglass tissue are also available for use with CS Wallsheen system.

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C/S Wallflex - The Medical Eye Clinic – Exeter, UK

January 2020

The Medical Eye Clinic in Exeter, Devon is a brand new clinic comprising of a group of experienced ophthalmologists and optometrists who have decided to join together to improve eye care in Devon. Incorporating a state of the art operating theatre with one of the South West’s leading optician’s chains, The Medical Eye Clinic delivers high quality, professional eye care.

To provide a tough, hygienic and easy to clean wall and ceiling surface in the state of the art operating theatre, CS supplied Wallflex; a superior and versatile hygienic coating system, offering anti-microbial properties and high chemical resistance. The coating has also been formulated to be 99.5% solvent free and very low odour, meaning application can be done without shutting down entire areas.

Luxury Star & Garter Leisure Suite Benefits from CS Wallglaze Performance Coatings

January 2020

A Grade II listed, former military hospital at Richmond Park – the Star & Garter – has recently undergone a meticulous refurbishment and repurposing. The work has turned the well-known building into a collection of stunning, luxurious apartments, with a range of private facilities and superb views of Richmond Park.

Design Goals

Because of its status as a historical landmark and Grade II listed building, Lees Associates and developers London Square wanted to preserve the many original and ornate features of the building throughout the refurbishment. Each apartment was to be restored and specified to the highest possible standards, to ensure an “incomparable lifestyle” for its residents.

This attention to detail and drive for preservation came with its challenges, particularly in the former grand room exercise hall of the hospital, which was to be turned into a large leisure suite featuring a swimming pool, jacuzzi and gym.

Leisure facilities and swimming pool areas are notoriously tough environments for wall and ceiling finishes, because of the humidity, cleaning & hygiene requirements, along with the high chlorine content of the environment. The new leisure suite at the Star & Garter brought with it the added challenge of preserving an ornate, original plaster and gold leaf ceiling.

It was obvious that a standard wall and ceiling coating system wasn’t going to be suitable. A tough and reliable coating system was needed, and something clear and hard wearing was required for the gold leaf. Lees Associates and Roseville decorators turned to CS Wallglaze® for the solution.


For the walls and ceiling throughout the suite, CS supplied Wallflex® with Heavy Duty Fibreglass reinforcement (light duty for the ceiling architraves). Door frames, window frames and skirting boards were coated in the standard Wallflex system, as well as a clear, impermeable Armourlac™ coating for the gold leafed areas of the ornate ceiling.

Lees Associates chose CS Wallflex® for its versatility and durability in both dry and wet environments, along with its anti-microbial properties and high chemical resistance which make it perfect for tough environments like leisure facilities. Wallflex was colour matched to the architect’s specified colour, a very light grey. The system was supplied in a standard Eggshell finish, creating an easy to clean and maintain surface.

Fibreglass reinforcement was chosen for the Wallflex coating, primarily for its crack bridging qualities, as the coating needed to be able to cope with extensive micro-cracking of the old plaster. The fibreglass reinforcement also conducts and spreads heat, and stops humidity ingress, protecting the wall and ceiling coatings from bubbling in the warm environment. In addition it boosts impact and abrasion resistance, extending the lifecycle of the coating.

CS Armourlac, a single pack solvent free polyurethane coating system, was chosen for being clear, highly chemical resistant and compatible with the gold leaf coating underneath. The impermeable Armourlac coating protects the gold leaf from discolouration and flaking caused by the high humidity and high chlorine environment.

Now, the leisure facility takes full advantage of the historical characteristics of the room, without the worry of discoloration and deterioration. With minimal maintenance requirements, the Star & Garter leisure facility will continue to offer an “incomparable lifestyle” for up to 10 years before needing a simple re-coating.

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