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Construction Specialties (UK) Ltd is the leading manufacturer of specialist building products for the healthcare, education, commercial, retail, leisure and industrial sectors. The company works closely with architects, interior designers, contactors and end users, offering comprehensive project support.

CS product ranges include wall protection, impact resistant doors, entrance matting, performance coatings, expansion joint covers, cubicle curtain track, solar shading systems, natural ventilation louvres and explosion venting.

CS Wallglaze® Performance Coatings

CS Wall and Ceiling Coatings range provides solutions for any situation whether in the commercial, private or public sector. All systems feature anti-microbial properties and will inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi on their surface throughout their long design life and even after rigorous and regular cleaning.

The range includes:

CS Wallsheen™

A water based coating offering high durability, protection against bacteria and fungi and moderate chemical resistance. This easy to apply & maintain coating is suitable for internal applications in dry areas, such as; light/medium use circulation areas, storage rooms and receptions, hospital wards and school classrooms.

Available in an Eggshell finish and in a wide range of colours.

CS Wallflex®

A solvent free polyurethane system offering excellent durability, high chemical & abrasion resistance and anti-microbial properties. This versatile system can be used in dry and ‘wet’ environments, including; hospital operating theatres & X-ray areas, category 1 & 2 ACDP clean rooms/laboratories, heavy use corridors, bathrooms and swimming pool changing areas.

Wallflex will withstand repeated cleaning with alkaline detergents, antiseptics and intermittent mild fumigation treatments without any degradation to surface or performance. Available in an Eggshell finish and in a wide range of colours.

CS Armourglaze™

A tough polyurethane coating system offering exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance, as well as anti-microbial, anti-carbonation and anti-graffiti properties. Suitable for use in category 3 and 4 ACDP clean rooms/labs, mortuaries, plant rooms/chemical stores, prisons and police stations, car parks, sports stadia, swimming pool halls and building exteriors.

The system is available in a choice of satin or gloss finish and in a wide range of colours. Armourglaze will withstand repeated cleaning with fumigants, peroxides and other aggressive chemical cleaners without any degradation to surface or performance.

CS Wallglaze® Primers

CS offers a selection of primers to facilitate application of surface coating systems to most substrates.

Optional Treatments

Where greater resistance to impact, abrasion or steam cleaning is required, fibreglass reinforcement options can be incorporated into CS Wallglaze systems.

Decorative patterns in light fibreglass tissue are also available for use with CS Wallsheen system.

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COATINGS Abrasion Resistant .
COATINGS Acid Resisting .
COATINGS Aggressive Environment .
COATINGS Alkali Resistant Resisting
COATINGS Anti-Carbonation .
COATINGS Anti-Fungal .
COATINGS Anti-Graffiti .
COATINGS Antibacterial Antimicrobial .
COATINGS Carbonation Protection .
COATINGS Chemical Resisting Chemical Resistant
COATINGS Corrosion Resistant Corrosive Resistant Anti-Corrosion Petrochemical Areas
COATINGS Fibre Reinforced .
COATINGS Fungistatic .
COATINGS Hygienic .
COATINGS Hygienic Abbatoirs
COATINGS Hygienic Cleanrooms/Laboratories Category 1 ACDP
COATINGS Hygienic Cleanrooms/Laboratories Category 3 ACDP
COATINGS Hygienic Decorative
COATINGS Hygienic Decorative BS 4800/RAL/NCS Colours
COATINGS Hygienic Fibreglass (FG) Reinforced
COATINGS Hygienic Food Processing Areas
COATINGS Hygienic HBN 26 Facilities for Surgical Procedures Vol. 1 Compliant
COATINGS Hygienic Health Care Environments
COATINGS Hygienic Hospitals
COATINGS Hygienic Humidity Resistant
COATINGS Hygienic Hydrotherapy Areas
COATINGS Hygienic Isolation Rooms
COATINGS Hygienic Laboratories Category 3 and 4
COATINGS Hygienic Mortuaries
COATINGS Hygienic Non-Leaching
COATINGS Hygienic Nuclear Industry
COATINGS Hygienic Prisons
COATINGS Hygienic Radioactivity Decontamination Qualities
COATINGS Hygienic Steam Resistant
COATINGS Hygienic Sterile Area
COATINGS Hygienic Surgical Facilities Hospital Operating Theatres
COATINGS Hygienic Treatment Rooms Category 5-6 Ref: HTM 56
COATINGS Hygienic X-Ray Areas XRay Shielding
COATINGS Impervious .
COATINGS Integral Biocide .
COATINGS Non-Toxic .
COATINGS Oil Resistant .
COATINGS Polymeric .
COATINGS Protective .
COATINGS Scrub Resistant Scuff Resistant
COATINGS Severe Environment .
COATINGS Steam Resistant .
COATINGS Sterile .
COATINGS Textured .
COATINGS VOC 2010 Limit Compliant .
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ARMOURGLAZE Hygienic Performance Coatings
ARMOURLAC Hygienic Performance Coatings
ARMOURSHEEN Hygienic Performance Coatings
WALLFLEX Hygienic Performance Coatings
WALLGLAZE Hygienic Performance Coatings
WALLSHEEN Hygienic Performance Coatings
WALLSHIELD Hygienic Performance Coatings

Durable Wall Coating for Carnegie Leisure Centre

January 2016

Durable Wall Coating for Carnegie Leisure Centre

Carnegie Leisure Centre in Dunfermline has recently undergone a major refurbishment, re-coating both of its swimming pool areas and its large gym.

For the swimming pool areas in particular it was important to choose a durable wall coating that could withstand significant changes in temperature and a high chlorine atmosphere.

For the large gym area a coating that was easy to clean and capable of withstanding abrasions was important. For both areas Carnegie Leisure Centre chose to use Wallflex® from Construction Specialties.

C/S Wallflex® is a versatile and durable wall coating for use in both dry and wet environments. The system offers anti-microbial properties, high chemical resistance and has been formulated to be 99.5% solvent free and very low odour, meaning application could be done without shutting down entire areas of the leisure centre.

When maintained correctly Carnegie Leisure Centre can expect a 10-15 year lifespan for the coating before any repainting is required, helping to reduce maintenance costs and ensure a clean and hygienic wall surface for years to come.

For more information on our durable wall coating systems please get in touch:

phone: +44 (0)1296 652800

C/S - The Role of Laboratory Wall Coatings in Containment Procedures

November 2015

Construction Specialties - The Role of Laboratory Wall Coatings in Containment Procedures

CS - Laboratory
Fans of the cult classic TV show Breaking Bad will remember that Walter White, aka Heisenberg, liked a clean lab, cleaning all the machinery and equipment daily, and risking his life to swat a fly and ensure a quality “batch”.

This meticulous attention to cleanliness and the removal of contaminants is something that is replicated 1000x over in real world superlabs, hospitals and containment suites, all to ensure a quality product, test result or further essential research.

The cleanliness of a laboratory doesn’t just come down to how clean the lab equipment, machinery or items in the room are, but how clean the lab itself is and how easy it is to clean, from the floor to ceiling and everything in between. As Heisenberg demonstrated with the fly, anything and anyone that enters the lab can potentially cause a contamination, ruin a batch or spoil a test result.

Which is why a fabric first approach is key to ensuring a truly clean and contaminant free zone. For laboratories especially it is important to specify resilient and easy to clean wall, floor and ceiling finishes which are easy to clean and can withstand the intensive cleaning and decontamination regimes.

Most anti-bacterial paints incorporate a silver biocide in the top layer of the system to kill bacteria. But, over time intensive cleaning regimes dilute and wash away the silver biocide, diminishing its ability to kill bacteria. In some cases the cleaning regimes are so intense that they will actually dissolve the coating itself, leaving a horrible mess and an unusable laboratory.

Typically after 18 to 24 months, most of the silver biocide has leached out, micro-organisms can proliferate, and repainting is needed to restore the active ingredient. In addition, when subjected to impact, conventional paints can crack, allowing bacteria and fungi to multiply, with paint flakes also becoming a potential contaminant.

But how do you create a laboratory Heisenberg himself would be proud of?

Introducing C/S Wallglaze Performance Coatings

To solve these problems, Wallglaze performance coatings have been specifically designed for the internal walls and ceilings of hygiene and contaminant sensitive environments, such as laboratories.

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