C/S Wallflex® Durable Wall Coating for Carnegie Leisure Centre

January 2016

Durable Wall Coating for Carnegie Leisure Centre

Carnegie Leisure Centre in Dunfermline has recently undergone a major refurbishment, re-coating both of its swimming pool areas and its large gym.

For the swimming pool areas in particular it was important to choose a durable wall coating that could withstand significant changes in temperature and a high chlorine atmosphere.

For the large gym area a coating that was easy to clean and capable of withstanding abrasions was important. For both areas Carnegie Leisure Centre chose to use Wallflex® from Construction Specialties.

C/S Wallflex® is a versatile and durable wall coating for use in both dry and wet environments. The system offers anti-microbial properties, high chemical resistance and has been formulated to be 99.5% solvent free and very low odour, meaning application could be done without shutting down entire areas of the leisure centre.

When maintained correctly Carnegie Leisure Centre can expect a 10-15 year lifespan for the coating before any repainting is required, helping to reduce maintenance costs and ensure a clean and hygienic wall surface for years to come.

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