Construction Specialties - Retail Entrance Matting at Accessoriz

July 2015

Construction Specialties - Retail Entrance Matting at Accessorize

With 240 stores across the UK, welcoming millions of visitors to their stores each year, Accessorize is a household name for high quality ladies accessories.

Keen to create a clean, open and welcoming entrance for their stores the Accessorize store design team wanted to use a luxury aluminium entrance matting system, and at the same time move away from using ugly security tagging pedestals that are often used in retail stores.

However, previous experience told them they couldn’t do both, due to various incompatibilities between products, often leading to false alarms or perhaps more worryingly an alarm not going off at all in the event of an attempted theft.

Luckily, Construction Specialties (C/S) in conjunction with Intrepid Security proposed a solution for the Green Park store.

After a series of collaborative tests C/S and Intrepid Security found that combining C/S’ Pediluxe aluminium entrance matting system with Intrepid Security’s ‘Plug and Play’ under floor security system creates a compatible and reliable solution allowing the Accessorize store design team to design the entrance that they want.

For Accessorize store managers, another advantage of this unique product partnership is the ease of access to the security system once it has been installed, simply roll back the Pediluxe entrance mat, and you have immediate access, no digging, no mess and no fuss.