Safetell Ltd secures contract for supply of cashier security safes to Post Office Ltd

February 2013

Safetell Ltd secures contract for supply of cashier security safes to Post Office Ltd

Safetell, a provider of cashier security products to protect staff from attack or robbery, has won a new contract, after taking part in a competitive tender, with Post Office Ltd to supply, install, and maintain cash management equipment for post offices across the UK.

Safetell originally won a contract for supply of Cash Management Equipment for the Post Office Ltd in 2004.
With around 11,800 branches nationwide the Post Office is the largest retail and financial services chain in the UK. The supply of accessible and affordable financial services is a fundamental feature of the Post Office with a predicted 80% of all UK current accounts accessible at post offices in the coming year, a 25% share of the foreign currency exchange market, and a range of other financial services available.

The Post Office with approximately 20 million customers each week, and more branches than all of the UK high street banks combined, continues to invest in a network to match this demand.
The risk of attack or robbery is ever-present in financial operations, as is the need to protect staff and cash. Safetell provides a wide variety of staff and cash protection solutions for large corporate clients, including bullet resistant screens, security windows, cashier deposit safes, cctv, access control, and other bespoke equipment.

For further information on Safetell products
For large clients Safetell develops or tailors products to precisely suit the client’s business.
Development, and supply, of security products by Safetell for the Post Office has spanned many years.
Within the new contract Safetell is committed to supply a number of types of Cashier Management Safe, tailored to the Post Office business, and related cashier equipment.

Safetell Cashier Safes are ideal for use in cash-in cash-out operations to provide very low cost recycling of cash in-branch, to minimize cash held and increase security.
The use of Safetell Cashier Safes also facilitate open-plan trading, making possible a variety of other benefits, such as potential business cost reductions and enhanced customer service.

About Safetell
Founded in 1989, Safetell was created with the vision of supplying bullet resistant cashier protection screens for banks. Over the past 20 years, Safetell has grown to supply a wide variety of security and operational products, and nationwide support services for banks,
retailers, and corporate clients.

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