Optimise heating and ventilation with Theben Air Quality sensors

December 2012

Keep your audience alert and optimise heating and ventilation with Theben Air Quality sensors
Even marginal increases in the levels of carbon dioxide in the air can affect concentration, as anyone who has been in a stuffy meeting room or classroom will know.

Theben's wall-mounted air quality sensors monitor carbon dioxide, relative humidity and temperature levels and let you know when it is time to bring more fresh air into a room “ and then alert you when optimal levels have been restored to help keep overall energy consumption under control. It's 0-10V and relay outputs can, if required, be used to switch, for example, ventilation fans or automatic window openers, with threshold levels for the three parameters it is measuring chosen to suit the room. Requiring a 24v DC input, the sensor is safe for use in public areas such as schools and meeting rooms

The new AMUN 716 sensor gives a clear visual indication of CO2 levels via colour coded LEDS ranging from green (OK) through yellow to red (prompt action required).

It is widely recognised that concentration can waver with CO2 levels of just 0.1% (1000ppm). With fresh air containing 0.35% CO2 and exhaled air carrying 4%, ambient levels in busy or closed room can quickly reach levels where concentration fades.