Carbon footprint of 4 Canadian wood products in UK

May 2011

A Carbon Footprint of Four Canadian Wood Products Delivered to the UK

As trees grow they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen. Wood products are literally made of carbon dioxide which remains stored throughout their lifetime. Two Canadian research organisations completed a study on the carbon footprint of four wood products manufactured in the west coast of Canada and delivered to the UK, the aim being to help to address specifiers' and designers' increasing need for reliable scientific data. The research showed that very little energy is required to harvest trees, manufacture wood products and transport them to market, and confirmed that in all four cases the products represent a net carbon sink upon delivery.

Britain uses a large amount of timber, paper, boards and other wood products each year, and around 85% of this has to be imported. Britain must import wood products from somewhere if it is to avoid using more energy intensive and polluting materials instead. Canada is home to 10% of the worlds' forests and contains more third-party certified and protected forests than any other country. What better place to source wood that is sustainably grown and legally harvested!

A Carbon Footprint of Four Canadian Wood Products Delivered to the UK - The full document is available for download in the DOWNLOAD section of the Canada Wood entry on BPi. The entry can be accessed by clicking anywhere on this Press Release.

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