Safetell new bullet resistant glazing

January 2010

Safetell has successfully tested and released its new Bullet Resistant glazing solution.

Safetells market leading bullet resistant screens have provided staff with protection for over 20 years. With the threat of armed robbery increasing in some areas, and greater demand for BR glazing at lower cost, Safetell has introduced a new fully tested and accredited glazing system to its portfolio of ballistic resistant products.

This solution has been developed by Safetell over the last 18 months and incorporates a specially designed frame and glass combination to reduce cost.

Exhaustive testing carried out by Wiltshire Ballistic Services confirmed that the design successfully achieves the appropriate standards.

The glazing utilises the latest glass / polycarbonate laminates that achieve BS EN 1063 classes BR4(NS) (.44magnum and SG1(NS) (12 bore solid slug); when combined with framework the system achieves a resistance to BSEN 1522 & 1523 Class FB4 (NS) & FSG (NS).

Safetell traditionally supplies ballistic resistant counters, pass trays, transfer hatches, position closed blinds, active speech transfer systems, and design, projecting, and installation for easy and problem-free product integration.

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