Zentia’s acoustics CPD receives accreditation from the RIAI

July 2024

Zentia, a leading provider of innovative ceiling solutions, is proud to announce that its Acoustics CPD programme has been accredited by the Royal Institute of Architects Ireland (RIAI). This significant endorsement underscores Zentia’s commitment to excellence and education in the field of acoustic design.

Zentia’s Acoustics CPD programme is designed to equip architects and construction professionals with essential knowledge and skills for effective sound design and acoustics management in building projects. The programme covers a comprehensive range of topics, including the basics of sound design, achieving the correct sound balance, and navigating technical guidance documents, as well as understanding relevant regulations and standards.

As well as the informative CPD, Zentia also offers the support of an in-house acoustician to ensure its customers can receive expert advice and insights grounded in expertise. Additionally, Zentia has an advanced acoustic calculator on its website, providing professionals with a valuable tool for planning and optimising the acoustic performance of their projects.

“Our accreditation by the RIAI is a testament to the quality and relevance of our Acoustics CPD programme,” said XXX, XXX at Zentia. “We remain dedicated to supporting architects and construction professionals in achieving excellence in acoustics. Our in-house expertise and online tools, combined with our comprehensive CPD programme, position Zentia as a leader in the field of acoustic design solutions.”

Zentia’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation ensures that the content is always up-to-date with the latest industry standards and best practices, equipping architects with the skills required to create comfortable and productive spaces.

To access the CPD visit the RIAI website.

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