Delta Membrane Fire Retardant Waterproofing

June 2024

Fire retardants serve a crucial role in fire safety measures, fire retardant materials possess the unique characteristic to slow down or even halt the spread of fire. This key feature makes them an essential element in fire safety management.

Typically, the concepts of water management and fire safety are not concurrently considered due to their contrasting nature and effects. Though it may initially appear far-fetched, upon closer inspection, it is not as irrational as it may first seem.

Waterproofing refers to the technique of preventing water from penetrating a structure and controlling the flow of water and water vapor within and out of the structure. Type C waterproofing integrates two key elements for optimal functionality: Cavity Drainage Membranes and Basement Drainage Systems. These components work in unison to ensure efficient water management in structures.

Type C Cavity Drainage Membranes tend to be crafted from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE); a tough, durable plastic material known for its high strength-to-density ratio. This material offers excellent resistance to impact, moisture, and chemicals, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. However, polyethylene possesses flammable characteristics. It can easily catch fire under certain conditions, due to its chemical composition. When exposed to certain conditions, plastic can undergo a transformation where it starts to melt and subsequently produce droplets. This occurrence is crucial to consider when dealing with plastic materials.

The Euro class system is an analytical tool that evaluates various fire-related characteristics. These include ignitability, the rate at which flames spread, heat emission, smoke generation, and the likelihood of producing flaming droplets or particles. Products achieving A1 and A2 classification are defined as non-combustible under Regulations.

The Euro class system is designed to unify standards throughout the European Union. It systematically classifies products into seven distinct fire reaction classes, from A1 to F, with F being the most combustible. This classification is determined through a specific test or a combination of tests. This professional framework ensures a consistent approach to product safety standards.

The system offers an extended classification, usually linked to fire response classes D through B. This classification relates to smoke production, ranging from s1, indicating minimal or no smoke, to s3, which signifies considerable smoke. It also categorises flaming droplets or particles, from d0 representing no presence, to d2 signifying a significant amount. This information is crucial in understanding the behaviour and potential hazards of fires.

Delta MS 500 Fire Retardant is a robust Type C, Cavity Drained Protection system, designed to withstand demanding conditions. It holds a Euroclass fire rating of B-S2, d0 (EN 13501-1:2018), an indication of its superior fire resistance. Delta MS 500 Fire Retardant does not compromise on its strength, durability, functionality, or workability. This makes it an excellent choice for applications where both fire safety and structural integrity are paramount.

The Delta MS 500 Fire Retardant is a product that carries the BBA certification. This seal of approval signifies that this fire-retardant waterproofing system meets the rigorous standards set by the British Board of Agrément. The certification is an assurance of quality, reliability, and safety in fire retardation.

Flame retardants play a critical role in enhancing safety measures in homes or buildings. Their primary function is to delay the spread of fire, thereby providing occupants with crucial extra time to evacuate and firefighters with additional time to intervene. Moreover, they contribute significantly to preventing property damage, not only from the fire itself, but also from potential water damage arising from automated sprinklers or fire control efforts by local authorities.

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