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June 2024

Our wholly bespoke glass doors often look deceptively simple ....but each and every one is uniquely designed to meet an individual brief. Take a look at this collection of some of our favourite projects and what makes them so special.

Fire rated glass doors
These doors, fitted in Hastings Library, are fully automatic, frameless, fire-rated glass doors designed to meet the vigorous criteria of a public Grade II listed building.

Custom glass doors
Church entrances are always unique, often with individual arches, hand-hewn stonework and carved wooden frames. We ensure the glass fits precisely and are happy to design bespoke manifestations or specially commissioned handles.

We love these glass doors ....with minimal fixtures and fittings they are so frameless and flawless you can barely see them at all.
Extra high or extra wide .... the door to St Mary's Church at Kippington is a full 3m high, set between narrow glass side panels. The extra wide doors at Lockers Park School library have been embellished with an impressive manifestation, celebrating the school crest.

Custom glass doors
Our external doors can be securely locked and linked to an alarm system as necessary....without any compromise to style. Check out the secure, sliding doors fitted at the Royal Fusiliers Museum in London; the award-winning entrance to St Annes's Church in Soho or the entrance to Cranleigh School.

Our expert team at Ion Glass would love to talk to you about your bespoke glass doors. We'll discuss your individual requirements and ensure the result fits flawlessly, works perfectly and looks just as good as these!

We provide a full technical support and installation service whether you are managing a project for a church or heritage building or commissioning glass doors for leisure, residential, or commercial properties.

For more information on our solutions in, glass doors, glass screens, internal or external balustrades, structural glass porches, glass linkways or other architectural glass installations call us on 0345 658 9988, send us an email via or click on the enquiry form on our website.

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