CPD Approval for Delta Membrane Systems Limited

June 2024

CPD Approval for Delta Membrane Systems Limited
Delta Membrane Systems Limited is delighted to announce their ‘Waterproofing - The Application of Concrete Combinations Type A, B, and C Systems for Continual Professional Development (CPD)', has received endorsement from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). This seminar represents a significant chance for industry professionals to broaden their understanding of waterproofing technology.

Delta’s Waterproofing - The Application of Concrete Combinations Type A, B, and C Systems presentation delves into the realm of design specialisations, specifically focusing on waterproofing design. The specialist's toolbox includes a variety of elements and considerations, all meticulously developed to form a robust solution. This presentation is designed to equip Architects, Designers, and Specifiers with a comprehensive understanding of the factors a waterproofing design specialist considers to formulate a robust solution that aligns with the standards of BS 8102:2022 and BS 8500-1:2023. This deep dive into design methodology offers a unique perspective into the rigorous process behind waterproofing design.

This approval underscores Delta’s ongoing commitment to professional growth and knowledge expansion in the field of waterproofing solutions. We believe this seminar will significantly contribute to your professional development and assist in maintaining your CPD requirements.

In this informative presentation, we are collaborating with SMR Projects Limited, a leader in the field of Type B structural waterproofing design and specifications for below-ground structures. Our focus is to provide a comprehensive insight into two harmonious methodologies. SMR Projects Limited's expertise in the field fortifies the value of this presentation.

Both Delta and SMR unite innovative products with highly skilled waterproofing design specialists. Both organisations have an in-house team of technical consultants to support our customers by providing comprehensive, reliable, and expert advice, identifying, and mitigating risk and establishing opportunities for added value.

Proudly part of the RIBA CPD Providers Network. Members whose materials are thoroughly vetted by RIBA, notably, this content is worth twice the usual CPD points for RIBA Chartered Architects. For easy access and navigation, all the materials are fully indexed on ribacpd.com.

Delta’s seminars are designed to last for about 60 minutes, this duration includes time for enquiries and discussions. Additionally, attendees will receive an attendance certificate, which allows them to accrue points for continuous professional development.

Delta’s CPD presentations are offered in several accessible formats. Available in person for a more traditional, interactive experience. Alternatively, they're available as private webinars, which are conducted on digital platforms like Teams or Zoom. For those who prefer flexibility, Delta’s presentations can also be accessed as recorded versions "on Demand", allowing for self-paced learning.
Enhance your knowledge with our 'Lunch while you Learn' program. This engaging initiative allows you to combine nourishment for your body and mind at the same time.

Delta Membrane Systems Limited is a manufacturer and provider of specialist structural waterproofing solutions, covering Types A, B and C waterproofing, combination waterproofing, damp proofing, flood resilience and ground gas protection.

To find out more information about Delta’s CPD seminars, email: info@deltamembranes.com
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