Hep20 - How to Connect MLCP to Push-Fit Pipe

May 2024

If you’re looking for reliable and efficient products to use for your next plumbing installation project, then the Wavin Tigris range is an excellent choice. As a complete family of multi-layer composite pipe and fitting solutions, the Tigris range is perfect for portable water, sanitary and heating applications across large scale industrial and commercial builds.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how this modern and innovative system can be successfully connected to push-fit pipes and we’ll highlight some of the safety precautions that must be considered to guarantee everything runs without a hitch. Read on for more.
Understanding MLCP and its benefits

Before we explore how it’s connected to push-fit plumbing let’s first revisit the many benefits of multilayer composite pipes or MLCP for short. Designed to transport both hot and cold water, the specialist structure of MLCP piping is incredibly flexible, strong, corrosion resistant and easy to install. Plus, thanks to its impressive flexibility, it can affectively curve around different spaces without needing extra joints and clipping points.
What is Wavin Tigris K5?

At Wavin, we have developed our own multi-layer piping system that is made up of five layers in total making it incredibly robust and secure. This system also guarantees quick, safe and reliable connections that don’t need soldering, welding or thread cutting. What’s more the flexible pipe means that the number of fittings required is dramatically reduced which also results in faster and cheaper installations.

Tigris K5 is a high-quality, performance system which has been adapted over the years to include a range of distinctive features including:

Acoustic leak alert that enables installers to easily detect leaks
Improved flow performance with up to 50% increased inner bore
Multi-jaw compatibility as fittings can now be pressed with common pressing profiles including U, Up, TH, H and B
Easy fit pipe insertion without calibration
Clear visual water leaking when the sleeve isn’t pressed
Reliable O-ring sealing
Incredible pipe grip which means the pipe stays in position before pressing
In4Sure technology

How to connect MLCP to push-fit pipe

With the Wavin Tigris K5 system and Wavin Hep2O products are compatible and minimal tools are required to securely connect the MLCP to the push-fit pipe. In fact, it takes just a few simple steps to make a press-fit connection.

1: Preparation
Don’t forget to always use the right pipe cutter to ensure a proper cut. If you use other tools, like a saw the system guarantee will be affected.
You can use any of the following:
• Combination cutters with pipe holder for dimensions 16-25mm
• Pipe cutter for the dimensions 32-75mm
Make sure the cut is always made perpendicular to the pipe and remove any burrs or sharp edges before proceeding to the next step.

2: Calibration and chamfering

When working with the Tigris K5, calibration and chamfering is only recommended. Only ever use the original Wavin calibration tools because again, using other tools can impact the system guarantee.
Dimensions All-Round Chamber of Depth Maximum Rotation Speed
16 - 25mm Minimal 1mm 500 rpm
32 - 75mm Minimal 2mm Do not use a battery or drilling machine for safety reasons

3: Push in and check the pipe

Insert the Tigris K5 multi-layer pipe fully into the Hep2O fitting and check the window to make sure it’s gone full socket.

Push the pipe into the fitting until the stop which will be visible in the fix ring window.

4: Execute the pressing

Always press the jaw of the press machine perpendicularly between the guides of the cap and the fix-ring.

Tigris K5 is compatible with either U, Up, B, Th, or T profiles. Check out the diagram below to see where the jaws should be positioned on the fitting.

And that’s it, you now have a secure and watertight joint which guarantees stability and leak prevention.

The entire process is incredibly easy to do and ensures a reliable connection is made between the Tigris K5 and Hep2O.


In conclusion, connecting Wavin Tigris K5 with Wavin Hep2O is an incredibly straightforward process that can be done in just a few simple steps. By using the right tools and following the proper steps and techniques, you can create a reliable connection for any plumbing system which offer exceptional flexibility and durability.

Find out more about Wavin Tigris K5 and Hep2O systems can benefit your next project.

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