JagaPro Installer Campaign

May 2024

The Plan

Our Installer Campaign is an exciting opportunity to join forces with Jaga to promote sustainable solutions to the residential market.

Our business focus is the commercial space, but we are receiving heightened interest for our heat pump radiators from consumers. Many enquiries request more than just emitter detail and prices, some require full heat pump installation. Therefore, we would like to refer all residential enquiries to our JagaPro Installer network, who will provide a full-service offering.
Our Products

Jaga’s range of heat pump radiators include:

Strada DBH (dynamic boost hybrid) – our Strada radiator is one of our best-selling radiators. With a slim-line, contemporary design, cool-touch front panel, and stylish aluminium grille, it looks smart and sleek in any space. Our DBH technology increases heat output by two or three times, making it the perfect low flow temperature, heat pump compatible radiator.

Briza Fan Convector – with the slimmest design and ability to provide heating and cooling, our Briza stands in a class of its own. Jaga Briza can produce high outputs even at low temperatures, and if coupled with a cooling water system (reverse cycle heat pump or water chiller), can provide very beneficial cooling. Electric commutation (EC) motor technology accurately controls the fan rotation speed to reduce energy consumption by up to 50%.

Trench Climate Convectors – Jaga’s range of trench climate convectors provide efficient heating, plus optional cooling and ventilation too, in one single unit. Designed to be installed in floor screeds or voids, the only visible component is the grille. Our trench units incorporate low water content heat exchangers that work in harmony with heat pumps and enable greater system efficiency and much reduced energy consumption.

Our wish is to have a national network of 30 JagaPro Installers established and fully operational by 01 April 2024.

In order to become a JagaPro Installer, you must be MCS Accredited and be part of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS).

If you are interested in joining our Installer Network, or would like some more information, please email kince@jaga.co.uk.

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