Ion Glass: a comprehensive service in glass structures

April 2024

When you commission a glass structure for a building project of any nature, it's essential to employ an experienced glass specialist. The finished result needs to be fully compliant, structurally sound and perfectly well as meeting all your design criteria.

This unusual glass structure was designed to provide an entrance for an underground tunnel leading to a swimming pool – it is constructed from double-glazed panels for heat retention.

Suspended glass linkway designed and installed by Ion Glass linking master bedroom suite to the main house. Constructed from double-glazed panels, the inclusion of a glass floor allows light to reach the walkway below.

We created a frameless structural glass porch that also serves as a link between a listed property and a modern extension using a technique of triple laminate glass to replicate traditional 'mortice and tenon' joints.

This unique glass porch creates a statement entrance to a barn renovation. The over-sized glass panels are wholly supported by structural glass fins and beams for a minimal result.
Ion Glass offer a wholly bespoke service in creating glass structures:

Full design service from concept to the finished product, including detailed CAD drawings.
All specialist glass calculations to ensure every project is fully compliant and meets all structural requirements.

Decades of experience means we can provide knowledgeable support with planners, relevant organisations and committees, particularly with regard to listed buildings, ecclesiastical projects or managing insurance claims.
Our comprehensive service includes management of all installation logistics, including crane hire as necessary.

Our service includes the provision of all essential fixtures and fittings ...including bespoke handles or handrails, individually designed glass manifestations or uniquely designed and commissioned framework and brackets.

For more information on our glass balustrades, glass linkways, glass porches, glass doors, glass linkways, frameless shower enclosures, glass rooflights or other bespoke structural glass for use in heritage and listed properties call us on 0345 658 9988, send us an email via or click on the enquiry form on our website.

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