Fernco - Why the Icon is a game-changer for civils and drainage contractors

March 2024

Why the Icon is a game-changer for civils and drainage contractors

The construction and maintenance of civils and drainage systems is an often-overlooked aspect of key infrastructure projects. Yet, the right solutions can play a pivotal role in project outcomes. Launched to make life easier for contractors, our Icon internal coupling range has proven to be a game-changing innovation. Effortlessly connecting any pipe via its internal surface, the Icon range solves longstanding challenges faced by contractors. “I never leave home without one”, a contractor recently told us. Here’s why:

Time and Cost Efficiency

With strict deadlines for repair and maintenance work to be completed, one of the biggest challenges facing contractors on-site is time. Having the right solutions available is imperative to addressing this. With pipe repair, concrete, brickwork or other hard materials are often used to encase pipes below ground. While this lends additional protection to the pipe, it creates significant time expenditure for contractors, who have to slowly chip away around the pipe to fit an external coupling. This process is costly, tedious and can take hours. That’s where the Icon comes in.

Connecting pipes via the inside surface, our Icon range is a universal and versatile product for any contractor. Available as pushfit or mechanical couplings, depending on the pipe size, these products can save hours on installation times, achieving a permanent watertight finish without issue.

Our customers agree, with one contractor recently commenting: “On almost all our excavations, an Icon is used. Absolute godsend when it comes to most jobs”. Another states, “It saves loads of time”.

Reliable, durable and long-lasting, the Icon is an indispensable tool for contractors dealing with complex installations or repairs.

Ease of Use and Installation

When working to tight deadlines, and in difficult conditions, ease of use goes a long way. Designed for the end-user, the Icon makes installation simple.

Installing the Icon Pushfit could not be easier, ensuring simple installation in seconds, no tools required. It is our most straightforward and most versatile offering. Simply clean the internal surface of the pipes to be connected and push the coupling into place – “It’s like Lego”, as one contractor put it.

With no fittings required, and multiple sealing ribs for added peace of mind of a watertight seal, the Icon provides a strong and long-lasting friction fit connection that can be installed in 30 seconds or less.

Where the nominal diameters of pipes differ, and traditional couplings cannot be used, the Icon Mechanical is the quickest solution. Featuring a stainless-steel body that compresses the rubber against the internal surface when tightened, the Icon mechanical ensures a secure, watertight connection. Installed using everyday hand tools and made to order within 24 hours, these handy connectors can prevent project delays, overcome complicated on-site issues and reduce connection times by hours.

Reliability and Quality

WRc approved and tried and tested on thousands of applications, the Icon is designed to be robust and reliable. With superior joint stability, when dealing with shear load forces) and a tapered internal seal to eliminate the risk of snags and aid flow we are the contractor’s solution for drainage coupling. “I use Icons all the time, so far haven’t had any reoccurring blockages with any that have been fitted in four years, they are brilliant”, on contractor said. Proudly manufacturing reliable solutions right here in the UK.

Fernco Product Selector

We recognise that pipework is diverse, and variations across a site can create challenges. Supporting contractors to make specification easy, our handy Fernco Product Selector makes the process a breeze. Available as an app on your mobile phone, the Fernco Product Selector instantly guides customers to the best connection for their specific needs. Measure the opening, and we’ll do the rest, signposting customers to the right product in no time.

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