Introducing Retainer-Rock®, our proven retaining wall system

January 2024

Elite Precast Concrete has extended its range of concrete walling blocks with the addition of its new Retainer-Rock® retaining wall system.

The Retainer-Rock® walling block is available with two standard finishes - Cobblestone and Liscio, offering customers choice and ensuring that the concrete block blends into the natural environment.

With the main blocks weighing less than 800kg, they are easily moved into place, using a lifting clutch and strap and for larger walls, a threader bar is used for extra security, unlike freestanding blocks which can be moved block by block, Retainer-Rock® is an all or nothing system, once in place it stays in place, unless you are dismantling it for use elsewhere.

Presenting versatility, Retainer-Rock® is widely used within the housing, highways, rail and water industry, the Retainer-Rock® concrete blocks secure the surrounding areas, from earth or water and are available within just weeks of purchase.

Paul Cartwright, Business Development Director for Elite Precast Concrete says: “Retainer-Rock is an excellent retaining wall system and just one of Elite’s new products planned for this year and I believe, having introduced other retaining wall systems to the UK, is the most competitive on the market.”

“Retainer-Rock has a range of benefits, in addition to cost, including being easy to install, available at short-notice and is a long-term walling solution – a real winner in terms of cost, delivery, quality and sustainability”.

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