Style Divides Space Again for Prestigious London etc.venues Facility - Nov 2023

January 2024

Style Divides Space Again for Prestigious London etc.venues Facility - Nov 2023
Having previously divided the 1st floor conference facility when etc.venues initially moved into 155 Bishopsgate, London, Style was asked to add further space flexibility when the company recently expanded into the sizeable 2nd floor area.
Working with Synergy Architects, and contractor, KPS Partnership Style recommended installing a single, 21 metre long Dorma Huppe Variflex moveable wall down the length of the main conference space. A further five Variflex walls were then installed evenly spaced throughout the room, allowing individual meeting rooms to be created as demand dictates.
Maintaining natural light throughout the space, pass-doors are all fully glazed, with an adjacent panel also being fully glazed in each instance. For added wow factor, solid panels feature eye-catching graphics.
“We have worked with etc.venues several times before,” said Michael Porter, Style’s group sales director, “and it is a privilege to continue being involved in creating market leading meeting, event and exhibition space that offers users outstanding flexibility.
etc.venues’ mission is to rescue people from the tyranny of dull meeting venues by inspiring them with vibrant design and contemporary art, offering fresh and carefully sourced food, coupled with award-winning hospitality.
155 Bishopsgate has established itself as one of The City’s most stylish conference destinations and one of the largest too, with a total capacity across the two floors exceeding 1,000 guests.

The new Variflex moveable wall arrangement enables etc.venues to host an extensive combination of meetings by closing off each area into smaller meeting rooms, opening up multiple rooms into one larger meeting area or moving all walls away to create a vast open plan conference/exhibition space.
With Style prioritising acoustic integrity throughout the installation process, coupled with semi-automatic operation that ensures the seals between the panels are expanded to exactly the right pressure every time, a 52dB Rw acoustic rating is achieved, delivering complete privacy between divided areas.