Advantages of self-adhesive foam strips that you should know

January 2024

Adhesive foam tape is a multifunctional product with numerous benefits for either temporary or permanent applications. Its pressure-sensitive adhesive offers nice and easy fastening, thermal insulation or even acoustic dampening. Another great perk of adhesive foam strips is that you don’t need technical training to make use of all the solutions they offer. In this blog, we wanted to highlight 7 key advantages of using foam seal tape and hope they will prove helpful.
7 advantages of self-adhesive foam strips

In the automotive, electrical, or construction industries, adhesive foam strips are perfect for a wide range of applications. Their ability to withstand high vibrations makes them a particularly great alternative to mechanical fasteners. Therefore, there are many advantages to using foam strips as opposed to other types of tape.

Here are 7 advantages to using foam strips.
1. Easy to use

One of the biggest benefits of adhesive foam tape is that it is extremely simple to use. It doesn’t require any preparation time, it can be applied instantly and, unlike glue, the adhesive part never sags, so there won't be any clean-up time involved after use. No dust is generated either. The only waste is the paper or filimc backing which is removed before application.

Usually, rolls of self-adhesive foam tape come with a removable backing that must be peeled off before use. While many applications require one-sided adhesive foam strips only, double-sided foam tape is also available. This is often a good solution when the two sides that are joined by the tape are not expected to be separated.

2. Versatile

Not only sponge tape can be applied inside and outside your home, but it also offers the flexibility to be used with a wide range of materials. No matter if you want to bond glass with metal or plastic with concrete, you can use foam tapes without incompatibility concerns.

It can be used as a primary or secondary seal on vertical and horizontal joints of building facades, around windows and doors, or on metal cladding. It also eliminates the need for bonding two substrates together at the same time and location, providing optimum manufacturing flexibility. In a nutshell, a self-adhesive foam strip is compatible with most materials.

3. Thermally efficient

Foam seal tape acts as an excellent insulator and can improve the general energy efficiency of a building. Despite changing weather conditions, foam tapes can withstand thermal expansion and contraction of materials and maintain their bond. The reverse is not necessarily true with mechanical fasteners that may get loose under the same temperature fluctuations.

Adhesive foam strips also act as an excellent environmental barrier. By allowing ventilation, they feature excellent moisture-resistant properties and prevent mildew from building up. Besides, this weatherstripping material will not split, tear, leak or dry out while performing continuous movement all year round. When placed along doors or windows, foam tape seals the gaps, preventing cold and hot air from entering, which allows a long-term and cost-effective replacement solution.

4. Durable

Panels, mirrors, stands or other large surfaces may require numerous fasteners to ensure reliable attachment. If you are familiar with home improvements, you know how time-consuming it is to drill holes, tighten screws or bolts and clean the place after assembly. The use of self-adhesive foam tapes instead of mechanical tools eliminates tedious operations and highly increases your productivity. In most cases, sticky back foam strips have sufficient bonding or sealing strength.

5. Safe

As it is extremely user-friendly, adhesive foam tape doesn’t require any expertise to get the job done. It is easy to apply, most people are comfortable using it without prior training, it doesn't require personal protective equipment (PPE).

Besides, unlike wet glues, self-adhesive foam tapes do not contain any dangerous chemicals such as epoxy and polyurethane that can be hazardous.

6. Noise-cancelling

Adhesive foam stripes help reduce sound and feature anti-vibration properties, while mechanical fasteners that loosen over time cause surfaces to vibrate and rattle. This issue is especially problematic with windows and glass doors. Foam tapes can cushion surfaces, dampen unwanted vibrations and cancel rattling noise.

7. Sleek

Last but not least, self-adhesive foam strips are a reliable solution for a clean and sleek end result. No longer do you have to fix insulation materials using screws that cause holes, allow water in and result in rust and staining issues. To achieve even better aesthetics, foam tape can be painted over to match the colour of the surface it has been applied to.

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