Georg Fischer AG Acquisition of Uponor Corporation

November 2023

Georg Fischer AG Acquisition of Uponor Corporation

Dear valued Customer,

We are excited to announce that Uponor Corporation has joined forces with Georg Fischer AG. Both companies have a rich legacy of excellence and commitment to customers. Through our complementary offerings and technology, we firmly believe that this new chapter in our combined history will usher in heightened service levels, more innovative products, and unprecedented advancements in our solutions. Our vision is to shape the industry and become a global leader for intelligent sustainable water and flow solutions.

Throughout our journey, you, our valued customer, have always been our topmost priority. This guiding principle has shaped our past and will continue to define our future. As we bring together our strengths and expertise, we want to assure you of a few crucial points:

1. Continuity in Relationships

The trusted contacts you have come to know and rely upon will remain unchanged. The relationships we have nurtured over the years are invaluable to us, and we are fully committed to preserving them.

2. Undisrupted Operations

Our operations will continue to run seamlessly, ensuring no interruptions in the availability of products you rely on. Your satisfaction and convenience remain our foremost concern.

3. Consistent Services

While we are excited about the positive changes this acquisition will bring, we also understand the importance of stability. Our existing service offering will remain in place, providing you with support in all project phases and peace of mind.

Change is a natural part of growth, but we promise to make any transitions as smooth as possible. Should there be any modifications or enhancements in how we serve you, you will be informed well in advance, allowing ample time for adjustments.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your trust in us. We are genuinely excited about the incredible opportunities the new partnership with Uponor presents. Thank you for being an essential part of our story.


George Fischer Sales Ltd
Paradise Way CV2 2ST Coventry UK