Naylor Products for Mining & Tunnelling Projects

November 2023

In this article, we are going to focus on the products we supply into the mining and tunnelling industry, to highlight our capabilities and give you the confidence that whatever your needs, we can deliver it!

Our specialist plastic and steel ventilation ducting, ground anchors, pipework, fans silencers, dust filers, and accessories are used extensively the mining sector and the tunnelling industry.

From the initial design stages through to supply, Naylor Specialist Plastics offers the complete ventilation package to underground specifications, no matter what the requirements or how big or small the project. Contact us today to talk about a solution for your underground project.

In fact, in our last article, we extended a challenge to make a bespoke tubular product for any application you require.

We pride ourselves on the adaptability of our manufacturing facilities to be able to meet specific requirements of individual projects, no matter how complicated.

We are confident that the combined knowledge of our skilled technicians, coupled with 130+ years of experience can provide a solution for any project out there!
Welded wire reinforced flexible ducting

We manufacture a number of ventilation products that have been widely used in mines as well as other civil engineering projects all over the world.
Wire reinforced ducting

This welded wire reinforced ducting requires no alignment for the direction of flow and can be installed in either direction, producing larger air delivery from the same fan because of significantly lower resistance to air flow.

Its welded construction means that no air, water, or condensation is able to escape and stitching at the low points, in a duct run, prevents leaks of air or air contaminants.

In addition, it is straightforward to join lengths together via low pressure suction applications, using our standard steel end rings, supplied as normal with the ducting.

However, for projects demanding a more secure joint, we can supply separate coupling bands, if required.

In addition to the comprehensive standard range of ducting materials outlined below, we can also manufacture wire reinforced ducting to specific requirements of individual customers.
Ventilation ducting

Ventilation ducting is suitable for both exhaust and reversible ventilation systems, as required.

We can supply the ducting in any length, up to a maximum of 20 metres, with diameters ranging is width from 200 mm to 1600 mm.

Our ventilation ducting can be manufactured from flame retardant and anti-static PVC-coated materials of various strengths depending on the requirements of the customer and application.

In the same way, we can also adjust the wire reinforcement, strength, and pitch to meet the exhaust suction requirements.
Extraction ducting

There may be applications in the mining and tunnelling sectors that require industrial ducting to conduct hazardous materials, such as fumes or dust, away from working areas.

Naylor’s manufacture a range of premium quality flat-lay ducting, for use in welding or extraction ducting, and forced ventilation systems in order to protect the safety of engineers and other personnel.

Cost-effective and easy to install, it is available in short or long runs and can be attached either horizontally or vertically to minimise the use of space.

Although it is lightweight, It can be made to withstand the suction operating pressures of any extraction unit.

Our flat-lay ducting is made from flame retardant, anti-static, heavy duty reinforced PVC, with welded airtight seams and offers minimal flow resistance.

Again, this industrial ducting can be made to withstand the suction pressures of any extraction unit.

In addition, we manufacture a range of ducting accessories to enable easy, leak-free, ducting connections including:

Flexible end rings
Clamping rings
Zipper rings
Velcro-type fastenings
Suspension hanger systems
Moulded components such a T, Y, and branch pieces

Ducting cassettes are available in a choice of steel or GRP, and these can be packed for ease of installation.

If the site has space, we also offer an exchange cassette packing service.
Warm/cool air ducting

If temporary heating is required, supplied from either gas or portable electric heating units, wire reinforced ducting is available in neoprene, Hypalon, PVC or silicone materials as required by the appropriate level of duty.

Welded ducting is also used extensively in air conditioning applications and can be joined to any length depending on the specifications of the project or application.

Warm/cool air ducting can be supplied for diverse operating temperatures from as high as 300 degrees Centigrade down to -40 degrees Centigrade.
Other products for mining and tunnelling
Ground Anchors

Naylor ground anchors are used in underground mining projects to stabilise local geology, improve mine productivity, and to strengthen tunnel construction.

Manufactured from fibre-reinforced plastic, our ground anchors are corrosion resistant, offering a lightweight, viable alternative to metal anchors.

If they are chosen for coal mining applications, Naylor ground anchors can be ground up by mining machinery after use, without needing to be removed or affecting the quality of the coal.
Fans, silencers, dust filters etc.

In addition to a range of ducting products and ground anchors, Naylor Specialist Plastics can provide a number of fans, silencers, and dust filters for mining projects and tunnelling applications.

These products include axial flow fans and ancillary products including:

Sound-proof containers
Transition pieces

All our fans are supplied with the relevant test certificates and warranties, and they can also be supplied with ATEX-rated motors, frequency inverters, and monitoring systems if required.

In addition, our specialist team of technicians is able to offer a repair/refurbishment service when necessary.

At Naylor Specialist Plastics our manufacturing capacity has increased tenfold in just the last few years, thanks to our ethos of investing profit into our manufacturing capabilities.

In fact, we have invested an average of £750k per annum during the last five years alone (up to 2022) into research new product development, new equipment, and manufacturing space to expand our operations which already supply specialist products into a number of industries including:

Electrical contracting

Our plastic and steel ventilation ducting, ground anchors, pipework, fans, silencers, dust filters, and accessories have been, and still are, used throughout the mining and tunnelling industries all over the world.

We offer the complete ventilation package to our customers from design to the final supply of products, designed to meet every underground requirement for every project, no matter what scale or size.

If you have a mining or tunnelling project coming up and would like some expert advice on ventilation products for your application, contact the experts at Naylor Specialist Plastics and we will find the right solution for you.