Delta Amphibia, Reactive Core Liner

September 2023

Delta Amphibia is a unique Self-Healing/Repairing, Self-Sealing, fully bonded Type A waterproofing membrane, utilising its advanced Reactive Core technology, Delta Amphibia will not only Self-Repair in the event of accidental puncture and Self-Heal, but will also Self-Seal.

Delta Amphibia is a pre- and post-applied waterproofing membrane which can be installed horizontally and vertically in a Type A waterproofing application.

The unique properties of Delta Amphibia are achieved through four active layers – a watertight barrier, Reactive Core which allows Delta Amphibia to Self-Seal and Self-Heal in the event of accidental damage, an active barrier with the ability to Self-Seal at overlaps resisting lateral movement of water and a strong bonding layer.

Pre-applied bonded membranes are used to waterproof concrete in basements and below ground structures on the positive side (outside). They are installed before the reinforcement underneath a base slab and vertically on a soil retention system, or in a formwork.

The unique Self-Repairing function of Delta Amphibia protects structures from water and moisture permeability in the event of accidental puncture. Delta Amphibia’s unique Self-Repairing function is activated in the event of Delta Amphibia being damaged.

Delta Amphibia’s Active Core offers continuous protection at overlaps. Delta Amphibia has excellent crack-bridging capabilities at places where cracks may occur. When pre-applied (before the concrete pour), the wet concrete is absorbed into Delta Amphibia’s fleece Bond Layer, integrally bonding Delta Amphibia to concrete.

Benefits of Delta Amphibia

Active protection for watertight waterproofing
Vertical or Horizontal application
Absolute impermeability with no side seepage of water
Immediate mechanical protection, self-repairing also on accidental puncture
High resistance to hydraulic load
High flexibility and capacity to bridge cracks
Full mechanical bond to concrete
Extremely flexible – Resistant to movement and fissures in substrates

Delta Amphibia satisfies all grades of waterproofing in accordance with BS 8102:2022, Table 2 as Type A, Barrier Protection System in accordance with section 8, Type A (Barrier) Protection – Sub Section 8.2.4, Active Core Liners and Table 3, Waterproofing Barriers.

Delta Membrane Systems Limited is a manufacturer and provider of specialist structural waterproofing solutions, covering Type A, Type B, and Type C waterproofing, combination waterproofing, damp proofing, basement drainage, flood resilience and ground gas protection.

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