Corrugated glass - an innovation from Ion Glass

September 2023

Ion Glass created a truly unique corrugated glass façade for an impressive statement entrance to a commercial building in Reading.

The brief was to design, manufacture and instal corrugated glass panels on either side of the doors, 7 metres high and with a reflective finish. The panels, which flank either side of the main entrance needed to align perfectly both vertically and horizontally.

Although the design aesthetic was clear, this ground-breaking project involved significant work to establish both the manufacturing process and the fixing methodology.

The façade is manufactured in ten separate glass panels, each one with perfectly regular corrugations
Mirrored panels of glass behind the façade create a highly reflective finish
Ion designed and produced bespoke stainless-steel channels to accommodate the corrugated glass
The panels were all lifted and positioned by hand – it was not possible to use a mobile crane to manoeuvre the corrugated glass.

This unique design statement is a testament to the vision and skills of everyone involved: working on behalf of the building contractor, Ion provided a full service including design, structural and technical specifications, drawings and digital measurements, working closely with the glass manufacturer to ensure a perfect result.

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