Delta update Type C, Cavity Drain Waterproofing Brochure

July 2023

Delta update Type C, Cavity Drain Waterproofing Brochure

Now available the new, Delta Cavity Drain Waterproofing, Type C Systems brochure.

Delta’s updated Cavity Drain Waterproofing brochure joins Delta’s portfolio of structural waterproofing specific brochures that together provides a complete overview of our products, design philosophies and, of course, Delta’s waterproofing design services.
This 44-page, full colour brochure focuses on the importance of detailing and correct product specification of Type C, Cavity Drained Protection Systems. A 'Type C' Waterproofing System is a maintainable waterproofing solution suitable for new-build basements, refurbishment and retrofit projects. A Type C, Cavity Drained Protection System comprises of two key components, a Cavity Drainage Membrane and Basement Drainage system.


Our Type C, Cavity Drained Protection Systems brochure is available to download straight away, or you can request a brochure to be posted directly to you.

Design Consideration

One of the primary requirements of waterproofing design is the prevention of water ingress and the management of water and water vapour movement through and out of a structure. This ethos is identical for any below ground area(s) of a structure. Type C waterproofing manages water that penetrates the external shell of a structure by collecting it in a cavity formed between the external wall and an internal lining/wall. There is permanent reliance on this cavity to collect ground water seepage and direct it to a suitable discharge point.


Careful detailing plays an important role in waterproofing design. Whichever form of waterproofing system is specified or combination of systems, consideration should be given to the correct detailing to design out potential failures.

Type C Membranes

Delta’s Type C Cavity Drained Protection membranes provide a successful approach to structural waterproofing. All structures, however damp, degraded or contaminated can be upgraded into a dry, fully functioning habitable space.
Delta’s MS 500 Fire Retardant Membrane is an extremely effective Type C membrane which utilises the highest grade of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with a fire classification of B-s2, d0.

Delta Basement Drainage Solutions

The Delta “V range” of submersible pumps/packaged pump stations have been specifically designed for below ground applications.

Basement Drainage ‘sump pump systems’ should be engineered to cope with worst-case scenario of water ingress. We’ve been providing customers with high-quality basement drainage solutions for nearly 30 years. In that time our friendly, knowledgeable team has been offering technical advice, free specifications, and a helpful flow calculation service to our customers.
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