Delta Membrane Systems launches new 695 Groundwater Sump Pump Chamber

February 2023

Delta Membrane Systems launches new 695 Groundwater Sump Pump Chamber

The Delta 695 Chamber. With a unique design, an impressive storage capacity, and exceptional durability is the new generation of sump pump chambers.
Delta Membrane Systems Limited, an innovator within the waterproofing industry is proud to be launching the new 695 Sump Pump Chambers, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in sump pump applications.
If you are considering a basement drainage system, the Delta basement drainage range is a worthwhile contender. The Delta 695 Sump Pump Chambers are suitable for ground and surface water collection. Delta’s new 695 chamber is suitable for all Delta Dual V3, V4 and V6 pump stations.

Advantages of the 695 Sump Pump Chambers:
• New unique design,
• Finite Element Analysis (FEA),
• Channel locators for ease of installation,
• Alternative cable duct height option,
• Sealing lip,
• Compatible with the Delta V3, V4 and V6 sump pumps,
• Able to accommodate varying pumping heights of Delta V sump pump range,
• New slim lid able to withstand pedestrian traffic.

New unique design

The Delta 695 chamber offers the next level in basement sump chambers. Its compact new size doesn’t compromise of capacity or durability. This specially designed sump chamber has many advantages over previous models, the versatility of the Delta 695 chamber is unmatched, it’s compatible with all Delta V3, V4 and V6 sump pumps.

Not forgetting the all-important cost savings, the Delta 695 chamber may be smaller in size, but has big benefits - less excavation costs, less labour costs, less waste disposal costs, less requirement for concrete/steel (when housed).
Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Finite element analysis is the process of replicating the behaviour of a part or assembly (in this case the Delta 695 chamber) under given conditions so that it can be assessed using the finite element method (FEM).
Channel locators for ease of installation
Delta 695 chambers have a distinctive preformed channel position area for ease of installation.
Cable duct height option
We understand the need for project specifics which is why the Delta 695 chambers are supplied with a preformed choice of height for cable duct/vent pipe. This distinctive preformed option allows for simplifying installation.

External Sealing lip
Reducing Risk – we’ve added an external sealing lip to the 695 chambers. This sealing lip will allow installers to apply Delta AKTI-VO 201 (swellable mastic) to the entire external lip locator of chamber. Once the sump chamber is backfilled this seal will offer a continuous waterproofing approach.

Compatible with the Delta V3, V4 and V6 sump pumps

If you need consistent, reliable performance the Delta 695 chamber will not disappoint. The Delta 695 chamber is fully compatible with the Delta V3, V4 and V6 submersible pumps. Saving on storage, handling costs and packaging whilst enabling installers to maximise on installation depths – as there is one standard size required for all.
Able to accommodate varying pumping heights of Delta V sump pump range
The Delta 695 chamber has been designed to accommodate all varying pump heights of the Delta V3, V4 and V6 sump pumps. It is common for basements to be lower than mains drainage pipes and sewers serving the structure. Any drainage from a basement or below ground structure will need to be pumped up. The term “pumping height” “lift” is used to indicate the vertical height the pump is required to pump up.

New slim lid able to withstand pedestrian traffic

Follow-on construction trades on occasion, can be hazardous to Type C systems, and it should be accepted a certain amount of risk to the waterproofing system may be encountered. A damaged chamber lid can lead to debris and other construction waste entering the basement drainage system. An inoperable chamber lid can make it impossible to inspect, service or commission the sump pump system. The new Delta 695 chamber not only has a slimmer lid to previous models, it’s also able to withstand pedestrian traffic, mitigating any follow-on trade accidents.

Delta Pumps are proud to be manufacturing and fabricating all their sump pump chambers from their new warehouse facilities in a new dedicated Pump Distribution Hub close to its Epping Headquarters to enhances the company’s ability to serve their nationwide customer base.

To explore the new range of Delta Pumps visit Package Pumps and Basement Drainage Systems - Delta Membranes.
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