Copper Roof Ridges

July 2022

‘Metal Gutta’ not only produce metal guttering in copper, stainless steel and zinc, but also manufacture roofing accessories too. Earlier this year, Diggle Electrical who were working on a new build in Devon, got in contact regarding Copper Roll Top Roof Ridges to be placed onto the roof of their new build which is under construction.

Copper Roof Ridges come with a myriad of advantages and are an ever-growing popular trend in modern architectural construction, particularly among new builds. Roof Ridges, like the name suggests sit atop the ridge of a roof. They help stop the growth of algae, lichen and moss building up onto said roof. This is a low-cost way to eliminate the dangerous task of cleaning the roof in the future. Copper is the perfect material for Roof Ridges as the copper reacts with the air and rain, which in turn causes the copper to oxidise. Once oxidised the copper ridge produces copper sulphate, this fungicide is a highly effective moss killer whose effects will last for years to come.

Moss is one of the most detrimental substances to appear on roofs, as even the smallest build-up of moss will act like a sponge and absorb any water which it comes in contact with. This creates enormous stress and adds additional weight onto the roof, which will in time weaken the structural integrity of the roof and shorten its lifespan. Frost is another hazard to roofing, which can at times push and shift the tiles from below, however, with a Copper Ridge, this danger is eradicated.

Metal Gutta sells these Ridges in 2.4m metre lengths, which can be cut to suit on site and is one of the most inexpensive and environmentally friendly approaches to protecting and increasing the longevity of your roof. 60% of the copper used in Metal Gutta’s production is recycled, giving it the moniker of a “green material” not just for the fact it turns green over time.

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