Venesta - Sleek, flush fronted Unity cubicles at Polka Threatre in London

May 2022

Sleek, flush fronted Unity cubicles create a modern washroom area in Polka Theatre's newly renovated building.

Polka Theatre empowers children to navigate their world through inspirational theatre and creative experiences. The London-based theatre strives to improve children's lives, while bringing together communities and creating ground-breaking theatre.

The theatre's recent renovation project saw a need for the existing washroom facilities to be updated, as the toilets were antiquated and difficult to maintain. Polka Theatre required washroom solutions that would withstand the demands of a high footfall area.

Floating, flush fronted Unity toilet cubicles were specified for the new washrooms, which have made a big visual impact in the new area. Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) was chosen for its heat, scratch, impact and water resistant properties. It's the ideal material to use for toilet cubicles that need to stand the test of time in busy environments.

Polka Theatre specified our pre-plumbed panelling system, Vepps, for their washrooms. By specifying Vepps, it allowed Accredited Installers, G Haslehurst Builders, to reduce installation time by 50%. Duct space in the toilet cubicles is secure as panels can only be opened with a glazier lifting tool, helping to keep the children safe. Vepps’ 90° linear bearing hinges offer simpler ongoing maintenance work compared to plain panel alternatives. There’s also no need for manual handling or removing panels, thanks to the system’s ingenious design.

Armitage Shanks’ Contour WCs and sleek pneumatic palm push flushes were pre-plumbed and tested at our manufacturing facility, allowing for speedy installation and added peace of mind for staff at Polka Theatre.

The toilet cubicles and washroom panelling were finished in our ‘Golden’ and ‘Gunmetal’ laminates, creating a bold, modern, gender neutral design.

We’re so pleased to hear that the new washroom facilities have been a huge hit with the children at Polka Theatre, and feel confident the new washroom systems will last for years to come.