The Churchill 5 Multi-Fuel Stove from Mendip is an Ecodesign Model

January 2022

The Churchill 5 Multi-Fuel Stove from Mendip is an Ecodesign Model with a Clean, Efficient Burn

The new legislation concerning wood-burning stoves comes into effect this month, January 2022, so when you want to create a cosy interior with a clean, efficient burn that complies with all the new rules, the Churchill 5 from Mendip Stoves is the perfect choice. The impressive curved door, which is made from cast iron, features a large viewing window and dual air control. This gives users even greater control over the primary and secondary air intake. Ideal for making a focal point in any space, the Churchill 5 can fit into an inglenook fireplace or stand alone in the room to make a lasting first impression. A+ rated for energy efficiency, it offers multi-fuel burning, closed combustion for better efficiency and a contemporary freestanding design that complements all decors and property styles. Measuring H606mm x W510mm x D380mm, it has a 5kW heat output and is suitable for smoke control areas too, making it ideal for city dwelling.

With its clean-lined contemporary design, which suits both modern and traditional interiors, the stove comes with or without a log store for convenience. It’s also 12mm floor plate compatible and has a convection top plate.

Chris Baines, MD of Mendip Stoves, comments: “Mendip Stoves has a wide range of Ecodesign and Defra approved models that meet the emissions and minimum efficiency criteria of the new legislation, reducing particle matter emissions by burning wood more efficiently. Burning fuel more efficiently gives a clean environment in which to spend time in. We are proud to do our part in helping the planet and help consumers make the right choice for both their home and the environment.”

An Ecodesign wood burner produces up to 90% fewer emissions than an open fire and up to 80% less than a stove manufactured over 10 years ago. “When choosing a new stove,” adds Chris, “it must ‘fit’ the room in terms of heat output. As a general rule, work out the cubic metre capacity of the room and divide by 14. This gives the ideal minimum heat output required in kW. However, for modern and well-insulated homes it is probably more accurate to divide by 20. One must also make sure that the distance to combustibles is observed, as individual stoves may have very different space requirements around the stove itself. Finally, do ensure that the stove is professionally installed by a HETAS registered engineer. Not only is this the safe choice but your home insurance may be invalid if not.”

The Churchill 5 from Mendip Stoves is priced £1,335

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