Pendock casings – aesthetic, practical and versatile

November 2021

Over the past 30 years, the Pendock name has become a byword for decorative architectural casings, with countless projects using its ‘Radius’ column casings and ‘Linea’ building linings ranges to conceal structural components and building services, while also improving aesthetics.

The company is also well known for washroom systems and pre-formed services casings, as well as low surface temperature (LST) radiator guards and floor ducting products.

Although all Pendock products are relevant to architects, specifiers and contractors, the most commonly specified are those within its ‘Radius’, ‘Linea’ and ‘Washroom’ ranges.

Radius column casings

Designed to conceal interior and exterior structural steelwork, as well as concrete columns, Pendock Radius unites the company’s six individual column casing types.

The pre-formed plywood range is for interior use only and is available as circular or square profile casings, as well as extended circles or rectangular shapes. Although they are available unfinished for on-site painting, most are specified pre-finished with high pressure laminates (HPL) or with real wood veneers.

GRG casings are also for interior use only and are regularly specified as circles. However, as they are produced from moulds, GRG casings can also be manufactured to bespoke shapes and dimensions to meet the needs of specific projects.

Pendock’s GRP casings are also produced from moulds, enabling them to be bespoke manufactured to individual project specifications, but they can be used for both interior and exterior applications. Their durability and weather resistance also makes them well suited for high traffic areas, such as public buildings and retail.

The versatile metal column casing range is also designed for interior and exterior projects. Manufactured from aluminium or stainless-steel, they are weather resistant, highly durable and can be specified in a wide range of shapes and finishes.

In addition to a wide palette of RAL, BS or Pantone colour PPC finishes, anodised, brushed, polished and textured finishes, including Rimex, are also available, depending on the material specified.

Linea building linings

The extensive Pendock Linea building linings range comprises nine different architectural finishing products, including exterior rooflights, parapets and soffits, alongside interior pilasters, perimeter casings and ceiling features.

The Linea range allows architects to specify several lining elements within a project from a single source, as opposed to these items being unlisted or ‘floating’ within various sections of a specification document.

By using this approach, a high degree of consistency to be achieved across different aspects of a project, as the elements can be manufactured, supplied and installed, if required, from a single specialist manufacturer. This helps reduce risk, mitigate potential co-ordination issues on site and allows a uniform, high-quality finish to be achieved.

Washroom cubicles and systems

Pendock’s cubicle and washrooms range includes five systems – Classic, Classic Plus, Robust, Ultimate and Education – as well as modular IP panels and bespoke solutions.

The Classic range is manufactured from 18mm thick MFC (melamine faced chipboard) and is designed for use where economy and simplicity are key factors, while the Classic Plus uses the same core, but is faced with high pressure laminate. Both models are edged with 2mm PVC.

The Robust and Ultimate cubicle ranges are produced from 12mm compact laminate (CL) and are designed for high traffic and wet areas, including high humidity zones while the dedicated Education range covers washrooms from nursery through to further education and is available in 18mm MFC or HPL, as well as 12mm CL.

For complete design versatility, every aspect the IP panel system and bespoke washroom range can be specified, including the core material, finish colours, graphics, panels and door sizes, as well as pilasters and ironmongery. Vanity units, back panels and accessories are also available alongside DDA and Approved Document M compliant solutions.

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