Budmouth Academy Brightens Art Department and Basketball Court

October 2021

Budmouth Academy Brightens Art Department and Basketball Court

Brewers Weymouth donated Albany Vinyl Matt in Brilliant White, a range of mistints and some Albany Roller Kits for the Art Department refresh. Subject leader of Art and Design Mrs Cartwright wanted to brighten up a hallway in the department as it featured an old and flaky mural. A combination of Albany paint and acrylic paint was used to create a mural to celebrate David Attenborough. The academy has adopted a house system and the Art department is in the Attenborough house, so the theme of the mural felt like a fitting choice! Three more murals are in the works to represent the other houses of the academy. Sixth form students, Lauryn Wade, Jacob Newport, and Robyn Keyworth collaborated on the mural and will be continuing their studies in further education in Art and Film.

The mural at a park local to the Academy was commissioned by several organisations. Local community group, The Friends of the Marsh, Weymouth Town Council, and Basketball England asked the academy to create a mural for the basketball court, so a basketball theme was required. The school held a competition open to all students to design the mural, which had over one hundred entries! The two winning entries by Theo Ellis and Cora Highfield were combined by Mrs Cartwright and painted using specialist tarmac paint.

The project was funded by The Friends of the Marsh and Weymouth Town Council which allowed the school to purchase Rustoleum Tarmacoat in seven colours and accompanying sundries, which Brewers Weymouth supplied in record time! Year 12 diploma students helped Mrs Cartwright paint the mural which could be added to their portfolios. Megan Naci, Ellie-Mae Carroll, Ellen Schofield and Alexa Burdess took only two days to paint the mural, and the final result looks fantastic!

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