ION Glass - Love these stylish glass mezzanines

August 2021

These stunning renovation projects made full use of cleverly designed mezzanine floors edged with glass balustrades to maximise the internal floor space whilst also retaining the flow of natural light within the buildings.

At Blackford Barn the mezzanine floor is accessed by a stunning elliptical staircase built on a central tubular steel spine. The frameless curved glass panels on the stairs continue seamlessly on to the first floor landing, with a slim glass infill panel to facilitate the interface.

Frameless glass balustrade across the length of the mezzanine floor on the opposite side of the landing ensures a perfect view of the garden and surrounding landscapes.

A mezzanine floor at the top of a Martello tower created a seating area for maximum enjoyment of the magnificent coastal views. The use of fully frameless glass and bolt fixed panels ensures there is nothing to detract from the views in any direction.

The glass panels had to accommodate changes in level as well as the tight curve at the top of the spiral staircase. It flows seamlessly around the space, despite the change from channel set panels to bolt fixed panels across the curve of balustrade.

We can help with glass balustrading to YOUR mezzanine floor
The expert team at Ion Glass will take your bespoke design from concept to reality, providing technical advice and drawings to ensure your chosen balustrade meets all criteria before our experienced installation teams achieve optimum results on site.

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