Radmat celebrates WGRD World Green Roof Day 2021

July 2021

World Green Roof Day, 6th June 2021, is an opportunity to enjoy green roofs from all over the world and to celebrate the benefits they bring to cities and towns, people and wildlife. As the World continues to deal with Coronavirus pandemic the mental health benefits of outdoor space and nature have never been so important.

Radmat are proud to be part of this great celebration and movement towards greener cities, and encourage town planners, developers, building owners and architects to incorporate green roofs in all future new build and refurbishments projects to increase the positive impact on the built environment and human health, and contribute to positive climate change.

The benefits of green roofs are many:

• Increase biodiversity and sustainability

• Co2 capture, improving air quality by producing oxygen and providing shade

• Reduce ambient air temperature, greenroofs absorb heat

• Reduce energy costs, through provide natural insulation for buildings

• Managing stormwater runoff by retaining rainwater

• Protecting and prolonging the life of your roof membrane

• Harmonises with the surrounding landscape

• Noise reduction, plant break up airborne noise

• Improving aesthetics and amenity

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#WGRD2021 For information about how you can participate visit worldgreenroofday.com