ION Glass - Is limited space a problem?

May 2021

The problem
You have a requirement for more space but the footprint of your building is such that you can't simply add an extension to the exterior of the property. It's a common problem, especially in heritage, ecclesiastical or listed buildings where a modern extension will inevitably be different in character to the original architecture.

The solution
Are the ceilings high enough to introduce a mezzanine floor? A mezzanine with a glass balustrade can increase the space without impacting significantly on the light levels in the building.

A mezzanine floor makes optimum use of space, especially in buildings with high ceilings and little scope to extend externally
A well designed mezzanine with glass balustrading can retain the light and beauty of stained glass church windows
Fully bespoke Ion Glass balustrades can be fitted to straight or curved mezzanine floors, including staircases
Choose a wholly frameless glass balustrade, one with minimal fittings or include a handrail in keeping with existing architectural finishes
Ion Glass technicians will assist with the design and specification to ensure the optimum result for you or your client

Case Studies
St Mary's at the Quay, Ipswich
In the heart of Ipswich and with roads on either side, there was limited space to extend St Mary's externally: when the building was renovated and converted into a health and well-being centre a mezzanine floor was created to accommodate meeting rooms and open spaces on the upper level.
Ion Glass were commissioned to supply a sweep of glass balustrade with a bespoke handrail, providing a congruent finish to the staircases and across the double-sided bridge.

St Andrews Undershaft
A mezzanine floor with a contemporary glass balustrade was installed at St Andrews Undershaft in the City of London. With no space to extend externally the mezzanine facilitates useful meeting space with an unhindered view of the nave.

The fully frameless balustrade has no handrail and is fixed to the front of the mezzanine with a series of stainless steel bolts for a minimal result. Most importantly the balustrade is designed to ensure it doesn't obscure the magnificent stained glass window to the rear of the church.

St Clements, Hastings
A glass sided meeting room was created to the rear of the nave at St Clements Church, Hastings, using the space above to form a new mezzanine area overlooking the nave. Accessed by a glass clad staircase, the balustrade flows seamlessly around the space, using channel set fixings around the floor and bolt-fixed panels on the staircase.

The original stone arches of the church are accommodated with accurately manufactured cut outs in the glass, technically designed to ensure the panels work perfectly, with no awkward joins or spaces.

We can help with glass balustrading to YOUR mezzanine floor

The expert team at Ion Glass will take your bespoke design from concept to reality, providing technical advice and drawings to ensure your chosen balsutrade meets all criteria before our and experienced installation teams achieve optimum results on site.

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