SAS Europe - Thin coat render projects using ProRend Colourtex

May 2021

Our thin coat render is a bit of a star - ProRend Colourtex is an attractive yet hard-working render finish for both our ProWall rainscreen and EIFS insulation system, as well as giving a modern render finish to new block. The lockdown and winter weather hasn't stopped some great projects from going ahead. ProRend Colourtex is a great versatile choice for these new builds, with delivery across the UK.


This former Victorian warehouse in Shoreditch has had a refurbishment by EasyRend. They chose ProRend Colourtex thin coat render for the common areas for its durability in high traffic areas and for a modern industrial finish.

An update from this Richard Brown Plastering Contractors Ltd residential project in Plymouth "Our SAS EUROPE board and Colourtex job here in Plymouth is finally complete." Nice job! ProRend Colourtex thin coat render in 18 standard colours is highly water resistant and easy to apply.

A fantastic new house from Mark Stone Homes Ltd designed by HAP Architects. LMG Plastering applied ProRend Colourtex thin coat render to achieve this sharply detailed modern finish. Mark Stone Homes: "..carefully designed by HAP Architects to complement the two dominant trees within the site."

Four different methods of producing an ashlar effect using ProRend Colourtex thin coat render, onto EPS and onto ProBoard. The coordinating Fawn coloured ProBead allows a seamless finish, both ashlar bead and stop bead have been used in these sample pieces. Contact our technical team if you would like more information about using ashlar detailing, or the ProWall and EIFS insulation systems.

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