ION Glass - How to link old buildings with new

May 2021

The problem
The interface between older or heritage buildings and a modern extension can cause a number of problems: current building techniques are very different from those used in the past and there is frequently a requirement imposed by planners and conservation bodies to create a visual separation between old and new.

The solution
A structural glass linkway creates an indirect interface between buildings of different ages and also provides a visual divide:

A channel sets glass linkway needs minimal footings, overcoming issues relating to disparate foundations and building techniques
A glass linkway will allow for some movement between two buildings of different ages and structure
Specifying either single or double glazing allows a choice between a simple weather resistant linkway or an integral element of the building, fully compliant with heat loss requirements
Use of structural glass fins or beams can achieve a minimal result without visible fixings
Ion Glass technicians will assist with design and specification to ensure the optimum result for you or your client

Case Studies
Church House, Sussex
Glass link way to church house
The owners of this listed village property wanted a secure and weatherproof link between the main house and a modern family garden room.
A linkway was created that also serves as an entrance porch for the back door, with one side of the structure set against the original garden wall. Clever use of structural glass fins and beams achieves a minimal and contemporary result. The linkway is channel set with no requirement for footings.

Oast House, Kent
A fully bespoke, double-glazed frameless glass link was installed to connect a listed Kentish oast house to a new single storey entertainment space. The linkway was built from two glass panels of differing sizes to allow for sufficient fall to the glass roof panel. Pressed zinc flashings fitted to the roof ensure the glass linkway is fully watertight and structurally integral to the building.

Glass Corridor, Sussex
Glass corridor
An luxury home in Sussex incorporates a frameless glass corridor linking the main house to the garages. Two vertical panels of glass are set into bespoke stainless steel channels with concealed wall channels on either side for a minimal finish. Use of clear bonding methods creates the least possible visual impact whilst ensuring the glass corridor is both structurally sound and fully compliant.

We can help with YOUR glass linkway!
The expert team at Ion Glass will take your bespoke design from concept to reality, providing technical advice and drawings to ensure your linkway meets all criteria before our and experienced installation teams achieve optimum results on site.

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