Unidrain specified in Stempelhusene – Cooperative housing built in style

April 2021

Stempelhusene – Cooperative housing built in style

Unidrain were delighted to have played a key part in the design and construction of Stemplehusene; the exclusive housing development in Rødovre.

When the supermarket chain Irma vacated their former headquarters, in the western part of Rødovre the location became the ideal venue for, Stempelhusene, the first of Irma’s cooperative housing projects. The cost of a brand new apartment can be prohibitive for many, in a cooperative building the ownership is divided between the residents, making it not only more cost effective to acquire but also prevents a quick resale for profit.

The new Stempelhusene development comprises of four yellow, brick-clad apartment blocks containing 88 apartments designed and built with a focus on quality from the outset. Simple aesthetics and stylish materials characterise the Stempelhusene apartments in Rødovre, every item from the bricks to the bathrooms’ linear drains has been carefully selected; creating elegant homes ready for the residents to occupy.

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