TROX Air Purifier is the Safe Stand Alone Solution to Aerosol Contaminated by Viruses

April 2021

TROX Air Purifier is the Safe Stand-Alone Solution to Aerosols Contaminated by Viruses

When people breathe or speak in closed rooms, tiny particles of liquid, referred to as aerosols, collect in the air. These aerosols can then transport the viruses. According to the Robert Koch Institute, this makes them one of the main carriers of COVID-19, because virus-contaminated liquid particles can often remain suspended in the indoor air for hours. But what best helps against this concentration of viruses in closed rooms?

Modern ventilation systems continuously replace stale air with fresh air. The virus load, and thus the risk of infection, are reduced. In many systems, humidity and temperature can be regulated to create a comfortable climate for people. In addition, the continuous supply of fresh air keeps unpleasant substances such as CO2 at the lowest possible level, which has a very positive effect on concentration, learning effectiveness, productivity and health.

With the TROX Air Purifier, you reduce the risk of transmission in insufficiently ventilated rooms to a minimum – without any complex installations. Simply set up and switch on.

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