ION Glass - What a difference a door makes

March 2021

Internal or external, every bespoke Ion Glass door is precisely manufactured to meet your exact requirements. Fully frameless or with minimal fittings, styled to work perfectly in every situation.

The doors at St Anne's Church were part of an award-winning re-configuration of the entrance set in a custom-made frame designed in the form of a large cross and set beneath the original stone arch.
The fully frameless door in this structural glass linkway works perfectly with a design that uses glass fins and beams for a minimal result, providing a contemporary aesthetic in a heritage home.
The doors at Holy Trinity Church, Wantage were configured to fit under the original wood and brick archway of the porch. They are fully automatic, offering easy access for all visitors to the church.
Bespoke glass doors
These internal glass doors were designed to meet the specific requirements of the building. Cut to fit perfectly under the original beams, or sliding for optimum use of space they perfectly meet different needs whilst maintaining a congruent style.

Our approach to glass doors is wholly bespoke, whatever your requirements:

Oversized, undersized or an unusual shape
Hinged or sliding
Single or double
Manual or fully automatic

Arched or set into a bespoke arched screen
Fully secure and linked to your alarm system
Frameless, automatic fire-rated doors

The expert team at Ion Glass will provide technical and design advice, whether you are installing doors in a residential property or managing a full restoration project for a church or heritage building.

For more information on our internal or external glass doors, structural glass porches, glass screens, glass linkways, glass balustrades or other architectural glass installations in luxury residential, commercial, leisure, heritage or ecclesiastical environments, call us on 0345 658 9988 send us an email via or click on the enquiry form on our website.

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