AUTOPA Manual Arm Barrier

February 2021

Autopa Manual Arm Barrier

The AUTOPA Manual Arm barrier has a slimline design and is suitable for protecting car parks and entrances to commercial property sites. This barrier is ideal for areas where access only needs to be restricted during certain times of the day. The barrier can be locked in the raised and lowered positions offering complete peace of mind when the parking area is not in use.

Manufactured from galvanised mild steel with an aluminium arm, the body of the barrier is coated blue as standard. Other colours are available on request, RAL codes must be stated at time of order.

Galvanised mild steel construction, painted blue as standard.
Lockable in the raised and lowered position
Single boom up to 7m.
Double barriers available for larger road widths.
Skirt option available up to 6m (skirt is aluminium).


1208mm (approx) overall height
Boom lengths 3000mm- 7000mm
Ragged barrier 600mm below ground
Ragged catch post 300mm below ground for catch post


Available ragged for casting in or flanged for bolting down.
Full site survey and installation service available.

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