Kingspan Titan’s Tank Selector App Helps You Find Your Perfect Oil Tank

February 2021

Kingspan is launching a new app that will give end-users the chance to “see” a heating oil tank on their property before buying it.

The app uses augmented reality (AR) to superimpose an image – in this case a tank - over a real world image of a garden or back yard.

It’s the first time a company operating in the domestic heating oil sector has employed AR within an app, but it is simple to use and it is expected to transform the process of buying a new tank.

Once the app has been downloaded, the user has access to Kingspan Titan’s portfolio of domestic oil tanks. Clicking on one image allows it to be ‘superimposed’ over the garden area, giving a useful preview as to how it will look once it’s installed. Other sizes, shapes as well as different types of tank can be quickly and easily swapped in as needed.

The app also provides users with instant information about the tank, including physical dimensions, design features (such as bunding), 10-year warranty and smart monitoring features.

Nick Hawkins, Kingspan’s Commercial Director for UK and Ireland says, “We’re very excited by this because we can see how AR will revolutionise our customers’ buying experience. It will take out a lot of the guesswork around deciding which tank would be right for a particular location, both functionally and from an aesthetic point of view - especially if space is at a premium, or if the tank will be clearly visible within the grounds of the property.

“It is another example of Kingspan innovation driving the domestic tank sector forwards.”

The Kingspan Titan Tank Selector app is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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